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Platinum Labs Defcon1 Second Strike | Dominate Every Rep

Defcon-1 Second Strike by Platinum Labs is an improvement on the original Defcon 1. Platinum Labs upgraded the stimulant profile in Defcon-1 to include three new amazing ingredients. This combination has never been used before in these doses to compliment the incredible nootropic panel. Defcon-1 Second Strike is not for the faint-of-heart. You will be destroying your one rep max on every lift before you know it. Get Second Strike now and stop settling for mediocre workouts.


Dendrobium - Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Shihu, Dendrobium is used to promote the health of the stomach, kidneys, lungs, and most of all as a very powerful strengthening tonic. Dendrobium is derived from the orchid plant family. As shown below, dendrobium offers a vast variety of chemical alkaloids that are thought to be responsible for very positive effects.

Dendrobium as a stimulant offers outstanding increase in body fat metabolism, cognitive focus, glycolysis, adrenalin production and increased thermogenesis. Personally dendrobium is my favorite stimulant, but even more, the first component to my favorite stimulant stack: Dendrobium + CDP Choline. This creates an insane neuromuscular connection, powered by the strengthening properties in dendrobium, resulting in INSTANT increase in strength.

Higenamine – Higenamine, also a neurological and cardio stimulant brings many more untapped benefits into the formula of Defcon-1 Second Strike. It has been found that higenamine produces cardio tonic, vascular relaxation, and positive bronchodilation. This makes Higenamine the “one hit wonder” for basically every facet of the Pre-Workout supplement.

1.) Neurological/Cardiovascular Stimulation
2.) Vasodilation (Relaxing/Enlargement of Veins.)
3.) Bronchodilation (Increased endurance/uptake of VO2.)

Bronchodilators are highly used and sought after in the world of bodybuilding and competitive athletics as a whole. This offers a new realm of attack for burning fat, and retaining muscle mass by doing so. Combining this new bullet point with the fact that Higenamine brings vascular relaxation and more neuro-cardio stimulation to the table makes this ingredient a major plus to Defcon’s resume.

Advantra-Z (synephrine) – Advantra-Z is perhaps Defcon-1’s most powerful energy component to ever exist. Used in pharmacology since the 1920s, Synephrine has been used from both ends of a very vast spectrum: appetite enhancement, and weight loss. While synephrine boasts a number of other natural healing effects, this part of the bitter orange plant is most commonly used for regulating fat levels in the blood, lowering blood sugar in people with diabetes, stimulating the heart and circulation, “blood purification,” and disorders of the liver. For users of Defcon-1 this translates to two things:
1.) More energy than ever before!
2.) Reduction in body fat!


These three new ingredients alone could fuse to form a supplement that would be remembered for years. But let’s be honest, Platinum Labs has made it clear that they want to be remembered FOREVER. This three headed beast of an addition is promised to blow users away by making Defcon-1 the FASTEST ACTING Pre-Workout product in the history of the category. The neurological stimulation alone provided by these three ingredients promises energy like never before, and strength to crush any previously set limits. Always remember that the human body is capable of MUCH MORE than our conscience can comprehend at times, and with a product PACKED with muscular enhancers, the only thing that compliments it practically? The most POWERFUL formula of COGNITIVE ENHANCERS to ever be created. This is only the tip of the spear… Defcon-1 Second Strike is returning fire with Multiple Nitrates and Vasodilators for INSANE PUMPS, the best Anti-Catabolic Compounds to reduce Muscle Loss during Workout, MORE Famous Nootropics for the most intense Cognitive Experience Ever, and a plethora of positive mood boosting compounds to potentiate dopamine production! Platinum Labs removed NOTHING that made this product number one, and the synergistic combination of the old formula with the newer innovations brings forth a release that even Apple could envy.


CDP Choline – (Cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine) is a psychostimulant/nootropic that has been shown in medicine to increase dopamine receptor densities, and help prevent memory impairment resulting from poor environmental conditions. Preliminary research has found that CDP Choline supplements help improve focus and mental energy. CDP Choline has also been shown to amplify the release of many other key bodybuilding hormones such as LH, FSH, GH and TSH! Among these HUGE benefits, CDP Choline is also proven to aid in preservation of arachidonic acid content and stimulation of glutathione synthesis.

Agmatine Sulfate – This ingredient, a lot like Defcon in general, has been legend since day one. Like Higenamine, Agmatine also boasts an insane number of athletic effects. This includes enhancing AND improving insulin response in the body. Insulin has been proven to be one of the biggest keys to building a leaner, harder, and more muscular physique. Agmatine is also thought to stimulate the production of GH and LH hormones. What does that mean? MORE IGF AND MORE TESTOSTEERONE which lead to massive body recompositioning effects. Although these points are huge, Agmatine came to fame by providing some of the largest outputs in Nitric Oxide amongst other compounds. Agmatine brings a lot of the same benefits of Arginine, just at a much greater rate of potency. It should come by no surprise that Agmatine also boasts a decidedly nootropic effect and can help achieve a mental edge in stressful and competitive environments. My conclusion? This is a supplement for serious contenders.

But this doesn’t even cover 25% of this legendary formula!

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