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Olympus Labs Ignit3 | Ultimate Fat Burner

Olympus Labs has done it yet again with their all new Ignit3 formula. If you're looking for a fat burner with effectiveness and strength you've never seen before, then this is it! No more questioning if your fat burner is even working, with Olympus Labs Ignite you'll know it! The nine ingredient makeup is what sets this product apart. These include Aframomum Melegueta P.E and Olive Leaf extract to activate and enhance thermogenesis; Ginger Root Extract is another powerhouse ingredient that increases energy, and Sesamol, Tangerine Seed Extract, and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Extract all help with the fat loss process.  Then add in Caffeine, Teacrine, and Dynamine for the ultimate experience in energy and mood elevation.

  • Helps Reduce & Prevent Body Fat & Fat Gain
  • Provides Increased Energy & Focus
  • Can Help Improve Overall Mood
  • Increases the Mobilization of Fatty Acids
  • Helps Boost Metabolism
  • Helps Improve Insulin Resistance & Sensitivity
  • Also Helps Suppress Appetite
  • Can Be Taken by Men & Women

Nutrition Info

Warning Concerning California Residents: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.