Gain Fast 3100


Universal Nutrition Gain Fast 3100

Gain Fast is an old school weight gainer that is protein rich, carbohydrate dense and formulated to supply your body with clean calories to help you bulk up and add muscle mass onto your frame. Additionally, Gain Fast has a comprehensive formula that is loaded with anabolic boosters, performance herbs, natural plant sterols, EFA, digestive enzymes and muscle optimizers, aiding the muscle-building process from myriad angles. DOSAGE: Mix 5 scoops of Gain Fast with 16oz of your beverage of choice. For best results, take 1-3 servings daily, in addition to regular meals.

Highlights of Universal Nutrition Gain Fast 3100:

  • Various Sizes and Flavors
  • Weight Gainer
  • Anabolic boosters
  • Performance herbs
  • Natural Plant Sterols
  • EFAs
  • Digestive Enzymes

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