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Blocks Absorption Of Sugar!

 Gymnema sylvestre is a member of the milkweed family. It is a woody climbing plant that is native to the tropical regions of India. The leaves are used in herbal medicine preparations and is known as "periploca of the woods" in English. In Sanskrit it is known as mesbasringi (meaning "ram's horn"). When the leaves are chewed the interfere with the mouths ability to taste sweetness. Hence the Hindi name gurmar - "destroyer of sugar". The plant constituents include two resins, one of which is soluble in alcohol. The other constituents are gymnemic acids, saponins, stigmasterol, quercitol, and the amino acid derivatives betaine, choline and trimethylamine.

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A few small studies have indicated that the extract may actually maintain healthy blood sugar levels that are already within normal range.* There have been animal studies done that also support this use. The studies indicate that gymnema can support a healthy amount of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.*

Certain medications may interact with gymnema. They may alter the dosage of drugs needed to commonly treat diabetes, including glipizide, metformin, and insulin. You should only use gymnema under the clinical supervision of a healthcare professional.* Gymnema is generally safe and devoid of side effects. The effects of gymnema on pregnant or nursing women has not yet been determined.

Article from Clayton South's Health Facts.
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