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Liquid creatine products are supposed to be better for being absorbed into your body and better at not causing you to get bloated. Many people swear by them, but many people believe that creatine can not be stable in liquid form. If this is true, then liquid creatine products may be nothing more than sugar water. The jury is still out though!

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MMUSA ATP Advantage Creatine Serum
MMUSA Xtra Advantage Creatine Serum
SciFit Kre-Alkalyn Infusion
DIMAXX Muscle Creatine +

Because liquid creatine bypasses the digestion phase, it is absorbed by the body more efficiently. You will not have to worry about your food intake and managing your diet to reap the benefits of creatine.

Powdered creatine takes 45 minutes to one hour to digest and is known to bind with food, hindering its absorption. This is why many athletes who are users of powdered creatine do not eat few hours before workout. Not consuming food before workout can cause many problems, including a lower energy level. With liquid creatine, worrying about food intake is a thing of the past.

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