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Low Carb Protein Bars

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Carbohydrate intake is important whether you're following a low carb / ketogenic diet or you’re a hard-training athlete torching through hundreds of calories during workouts and competitions. Carbs provide both immediate energy and sustained energy by supporting glycogen production and storage. However, just as there is a time to “carb load” there is also a time when you want to exercise more discretion with your carb intake, yet still get in a tasty snack. The answer is a low carb protein bar.

Low carb bars are ideal for dieters, diabetics, or those times when you’re not all that active. Low carb protein bars contain relatively few carbs compared to standard protein bars, with only 5-6 grams of “net carbs”, depending on the flavor and brand.

“Net carbs” are basically carbs that impact blood sugar. Those watching their carbohydrate consumption (i.e. diabetics) must keep a careful eye on their blood sugar levels, and the fewer net carbs contained in a bar, the lesser effect on your blood sugar levels.

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  1. Grenade Carb Killa® Bars | Box of 12
    Carb Killa Bars
  2. Universal Nutrition CarbRite Diet Bars | Box of 12
    CarbRite Diet Bars
    Animal | Universal Nutrition
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