Train Like a Lion - Mike Rashid's 6 Week Muscle Building Trainer

While 2018 is officially the year of the dog, we're going to train like a lion. You'll be entering the gym with a quiet confidence and the focus of a savage hunter. The iron is your prey. It stands no chance against the force that is your will to dominate.

This six-week trainer isn't for the meek. It's savage. Brutal. Hardcore. Animalistic.

A lion is the king of the jungle. The goal of this program is to make you the king of your own domain - the gym. But think bigger than that. Your life is more than just four workout sessions a week.

The confidence and strength you'll build during these six weeks will transcend the walls of the gym. They will flow into other aspects of your life, helping you to find the courage to smash your personal goals and live the life you want; to truly be the king of your own territory.

Mike Rashid's Train Like a Lion - The Basics

During the coming six weeks we will be wave loading overall training volume. This means that over time you will be performing a greater volume of sets, but the addition of work won't be linear. Instead of increasing volume each week, we will take a two steps forward, one step back approach.

The volume of sets you will perform each week is as follows. This is per training day:

Mike Rashid
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