How to Get a Smaller Waist - 5 Tips From Kris Gethin

How to Get a Smaller Waist - 5 Tips From Kris Gethin

Carving out the penultimate physique is about working like an artist, crafting each part carefully with intense consideration. The visual impact of broad shoulders combined with a tapered waistline is more than powerful, it's alpha.

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I've collated together 5 things you can do to help get your waistline tighter and accentuate that illusion which will set you apart from the crowd.

How to Get a Smaller Waist

Trick #1 - Eliminate Allergens

Kris GethinWhich foods are killing you from the inside out, causing your gut to become inflamed?

You can go right ahead and get a comprehensive gut test done to see which foods you don't agree with, but you can probably tell by the way you feel after each meal. Are you getting severe bloating, gas or diarrhea? This all correlates with food which your gut doesn't enjoy processing which will cause your waist to expand.

If you can eliminate the allergens from your diet you'll be able to eliminate inches from your waist measurement. I've witnessed this work first hand so many different times.

Trick #2 - Broom Handle Twists

If you've been following my content for the past few years you would have seen me do these before to help improve the elasticity of my skin around my waist as I drop fat around my core area. You should do the same, every day before you eat hit this drill with 300 twists each way using a fast, controlled motion.

This will help trim down your waist during your transformation, and it helps you burn more calories.

Trick #3 - Get Your Greens In

In the first point, I alluded to the fact that bloating is going to be one of your major enemies which will prevent you from really getting your waist down, as slim as possible. To further aid digestion and keep you regular you should be taking the time to consume enough fibrous vegetables in your diet.

Adding things like fenugreek extract will also keep your gut regular which helps breakdown that bloating we want you to avoid.

Having extra greens will also help you forge a leaner, more defiant physique.

Trick #4 - Learn to Breathe Properly

Maybe you're thinking this sounds dumb, but I'm referring to the way you breathe. it's common for people to breathe through their stomach, rather than their chest. If you can perfect the latter you keep your stomach flat and your core engaged so by default you develop a more slender waistline which is what we are after.

Breathe up through your chest, rather than out through your stomach. Practice right now!

Trick #5 - Get Shredded

I can't sign off from this without reminding you there's got to be a huge effort put into getting shredded, to make your waist shrink. Regard the 4 previous points as accessories which will join together with this one to tighten your waist right up!

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