35 Creative Ways to Get More Exercise

35 Creative Ways to Get More Exercise

Now that I'm working three different jobs, time management has become an issue.

Balancing time between your kids, your job, and your hobbies make it hard to give yourself much time to exercise. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to workout while you do your everyday tasks like brushing your teeth or talking on the phone.

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Once you get over the feeling of "Why am I doing sit-ups during commercials of my favorite TV show," you will be able to make more healthy habits.

So let's dive into this list.

35 Creative Ways to Get Fit

1.) For those who just can't get enough arm work, try doing bicep curls while you take the trash out. Add in some overhead presses and some side lateral raises if you really want to get a pump on.

2.) Like to play video games? Pick up an old Wii and try Wii Fit or any of the Wii sports games. Get immersed in the game and you'll be sweaty by the time you are done playing.

3.) Out on some errands? Try speed walking or at least walk at a faster pace than usual.

4.) If you take public transportation, get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way. Do you really want to sit by that weird guy the whole ride?

5.) Cook more meals at home. The extra standing and moving around is great. Turn on some tunes and dance while you are cooking. I promise you'll start sweating.

6.) Start planning more active hangouts with friends. Bust out a ping-pong table, go play volleyball, or go get some people from the office and play some hoops. You'll build better friendships and get in shape at the same time.

7.) Pick up a jogging stroller and take your kids on your morning run. Teaching them early that exercise and healthy eating are normal could save them from ever having to "be on a diet."

8.) Keep a jump rope, bands, or a pair of dumbbells in your car so you can workout wherever. Head out to the park on lunch and get your sweat on.

9.) Do you travel for work? Try taking a walking tour of the cities you travel to.

10.) Do 10 jumping jacks 10 times throughout the day.

11.) Boiling some water? Do jumping jacks, planks, or some yoga while waiting for what seems forever for your water to start boiling.

12.) Instead of trying to get everything in one trip, take as many trips as possible. The extra walking adds up fast.

13.) Sprint to your mailbox to grab your mail and sprint back. If you're fast enough, no one will see you.

14.) Shovel your neighbors' driveway in the winter. Start planting flowers or doing yard work in the spring.

15.) In a conference call? Put it on speaker phone and do some pushups off of your desk, bodyweight squats, or dips.

16.) Try taking stairs two at a time; unless you have stairs that are already too far apart or sketchy.

17.) Start washing your car by hand.

18.) A 150-pound person can burn 170 calories an hour from moderate-effort cleaning. Throw on a hoodie and get your sweat on.

19.) Start hiking. Find some amazing views and share them on your social media. People will be jealous.

20.) Sign up for free and introductory classes at local gyms and studios. You may find something you really enjoy.

21.) Set a distance goal for the week. Buy a pedometer or odometer for your bicycle and push yourself to go further each week.

22.) Here's one that's winning for everyone. Enjoy more sex with your partner; 30 seconds a few times per day counts as some cardio exercise.

23.) Squeeze your abs like you are about to take a heavy squat and hold that while waiting in line. Bonus points if you are in line behind that coupon lady.

24.) Park in the back of the parking lot. You're less likely to get your car messed up and the extra walking adds up.

25.) Perform calf raises while you brush your teeth.

26.) Buy some new workout clothes or shoes and put them to use this time.

27.) Take your dog to the park and enjoy life. Running around and playing with your pets are rewarding and can really burn some calories.

28.) Start doing push-ups, sit-ups, and bodyweight squats during commercials.

29.) Watch your favorite shows while you are on a treadmill or exercise bike.

30.) Grab a basket instead of a cart at the grocery store. The uneven loading of carrying a basket of gains will work your core out.

31.) Wake up and spend the first 10 minutes of your day doing some calisthenics and aerobic exercise.

32.) Walk to work or stores.

33.) Get a standing desk. They make easily adjustable desks to accommodate sitting or standing. I'm actually looking into one of these for myself.

34.) Sign up for a 5k and complete it. I did my first 5k for Pancreatic Cancer in memory of my Grandfather with my Grandmother and family and it was a unique bonding time.

35.) Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Wrapping it Up

While many of these ideas won't apply to you, I hope this out-of-the-box approach to exercise sparks some inspiration.

Life is movement, and movement is life. Being sedentary is unhealthy, boring, and eventually will kill you.

Would you rather be sore from a great workout or sore because you can't stand for more than 10 minutes at a time? I've been to both extremes and I would choose to be sore from exercising every time.

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