Peanuts and Aflatoxins - Poisonous Protein-Packed Pellets of Doom

If there isn't anyone reading who has at some point been strapped for cash and has thus resorted to living on peanut butter sandwiches, I'm a Chinese jet pilot - we've all done it. And having done so, I have bad news for the lot of us.

Peanuts are - in fact - poisonous, protein-packed pellets of doom. They will give you cancer if you eat them frequently enough.

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Seriously, peanuts appear to be only slightly less carcinogenic than radium and although they are tasty, you should think strongly about never eating them again. Ever.

Scoff all you want, but they're poisonous because they're packed clown-car style with aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are hyper-poisonous carcinogens that come from fungi that grows on a variety of different foods ranging from corn to peanuts, and the stuff is serious.

Though acute aflatoxin poisoning occurs about as often as Amy Shumer skips a meal, chronic, lower-level exposure is both difficult to identify and more insidious than body-snatching ghosts in crappy Canadian "horror" films. No one's eating a pickup truck bed's worth of peanuts in a sitting, but you a pretty damn likely to do so over the course of a lifetime, and that's where the problems arise.

Chronic exposure to aflatoxins is a problem you don't want to have. It leads to immunosuppression, cirrhosis, and liver cancer (Hardick).


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Aflotoxin B1 - Worst of the Worst

Wait, it gets even better! Of the 20 different aflatoxins, aflatoxin B1 is considered to be by far the worst, and guess where it's most prevalent? You guessed it...


According to the ever-helpful Wikipedia, aflatoxin B1 "is highly implicated in hepatocellular carcinoma [a type of liver cancer that usually only occurs in people with chronic liver disease or cirrosis] in humans" and it "also been shown to be mutagenic [it alters your freaking DNA], teratogenic [turns fetuses into unspeakable horrors or miscarriages], and to cause immunosuppression" in animals (Wikipedia). Oh yeah, aflatoxins can do more damage than Michael Meyers on bath salts, viagra and cheque drops in a sorority house.

Check out this list of bodily functions aflatoxins [read: peanuts] can mangle (Lee):

  • Respiratory: Pulmonary edema, cancer
  • Cardiovascular: Heart inflammation
  • Neurological: Reduced oxygen flow, headache, neuron death, encephalopathy, impaired memory, insomnia, disorientation, loss of coordination; tumors in both central and peripheral nervous system
  • Gastrointestinal: Liver damage, liver cancer, vital hepatitis, parasite infestation
  • Urinary: Kidney damage and tumors
  • Reproductive and Developmental: infertility, teratogenic, abnormal growth and development in children
  • Endocrine: Tumors and cancer
  • Blood: Blood and bone cancers
  • Immune: Immunosuppression, autoimmune reactions and allergies
  • Other: Mitochondrial malfunction, interference with protein and RNA synthesis, apoptosis (cell death)

If you think I'm just listing a series of unlikely hypotheticals, don't. Saddam Hussein admitted to UN weapons inspectors that his scientists had weaponized aflatoxins for delivery by Scud missiles against civilians. The weapons would have no battlefield use - they were just to cause cancer in anyone in the dispersion radius, and children are especially susceptible...

Makes you wonder how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you ate as a kid. One things to bear in mind with this Dr. Evil-esque plot was that UN inspectors joked at the time of Saddam's admission that "aflatoxin would stop a lieutenant from making colonel, but it would not stop soldiers from advancing across a battlefield" (Lee).

Think roasting the peanuts will save you from the predations of a legume that makes Carl Panzram seem like lazy serial rapist and murderer? Think again. Oil roasting only reduces the aflatoxin content by 65% and 69% for dry roasting... So you're still getting 30-35% of those awesome aflatoxins that are gonna build up in your body over the course of your life (Lee).

It's even worse in pork. Pigs are fed peanuts to fatten them up, and no matter what the cooking or processing method, the pork they provide still generally contains 70%-85% of the aflatoxins it had contained before cooking (Furtado).


Peanut Butter Cups
Peanut butter cups - bite-sized cancer and birth defects!


So, there you have it. Don't eat peanuts or peanut butter, and you might want to think about cutting back on your pork as well (they're fed aflatoxin-rich crap like corn, peanuts, and soybeans) if you want to avoid the laundry list of health problems that will eventually come with chronic consumption of that nonsense.

Peanuts are a poor protein source anyway. They're filled with inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, and almonds taste far better. That is, of course, unless you're having suicidal ideations and really want to drag out your death.

Now go eat a steak and smash some weights and try not to think about the fact that your peanut butter cups are poison.


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Sophia Wax - November 27, 2017

This article is an awesome mix of humor and science all in one =P. Great info!
My mom always told me that peanut butter was carcinogenic growing up so we’d always eat almond butter but I never believed her. kudos to mom for keeping me safe!

Kevin Potts - October 15, 2017

United States Department of Agriculture…… let me guess next week it will be almonds……

John Best - October 6, 2017

Not the peanut butter cups man!

Joel W - October 4, 2017

If raised properly, ie the way nature intended, meat most certainly is.

Joshua Henline - October 4, 2017

for real??? first its pb is ok to eat , now its cancer causing…welp we’re gonna die from some form of cancer anyways haha might as well taste good

Bradley Thomas - October 4, 2017

I stay away from sweets so I never really feel the urge. I shall continue to avoid RC and Peanuts.

Alex Zwier - October 3, 2017

In my opinion, and I’m sure many others as well, the absolute best source of protein other than supplements is meat! Stick with chicken, steak, etc.. Just don’t see the payoff with going with any nut products..

Kyle - October 3, 2017

From Wikipedia:

“The United States Department of Agriculture
tests every truckload of raw peanuts for aflatoxin; any containing
aflatoxin levels of more than 15 parts per billion are destroyed. The
peanut industry has manufacturing steps in place to ensure all peanuts
are inspected for aflatoxin.68”

And if you really want to sift through all the legal documentation:…

Nothing to see here, folks. Peanuts are fine to eat. Move along.

Adrian Elizondo - October 3, 2017

What about Bill “Peanuts”.
I read about him in your blog, and always wanted to try the “peanut diet” jaja…

Dustin Nutt - October 3, 2017

This is great news considering I go through a huge jar of peanut butter every month and on top of that I typically eat a small bag of peanuts each day in between meals…. They’re much cheaper than almonds is why I “was” eating them, I will move onto almonds again now. Thanks for the information.

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