Kale and Machine Greens: The Ultimate Superfood Combination

Kale and Machine Greens: The Ultimate Superfood Combination

Kale is truly a superfood, chock full of vitamins, minerals, and numerous health benefits. A single cup of fresh kale clocks in at about 40 calories, so you can reap the benefits with barely any cost.

The nutrition in kale can help regulate your digestive health, prevent heart disease, and even reduce the risk of developing cancer. It even contains alpha-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acid, making it a staple food for vegetarians who can't get this healthy fat from fish.

But what makes kale so great for those trying to lose weight or build lean muscle?

Kale4 Benefits of Kale for Active People

Kale is a Great Source of Protein

Protein is essential for everyone looking to support muscle growth, whether you're just getting started on your fitness journey or are an experienced bodybuilder. Because protein is so essential for building lean muscle, incorporating kale into a balanced diet will give you a great source of protein with few calories and tons of nutrients.

Kale Helps You Absorb More Minerals

Spinach is often praised as having a large amount of iron, making you stronger in true Popeye fashion. But unlike spinach, kale's oxalate content is very low, meaning the calcium and iron in this leafy vegetable are highly absorbable, helping you get the most from your diet.

Kale Helps With Portion Control

Kale is also rich in fiber, helping you feel fuller longer. Incorporating more fiber into every meal will help curb snack cravings and keep you on track for your fitness goals. Adding kale to your morning shake will give you a fiber boost without changing the flavor too much.

Kale Supports Your Metabolism

One cup of cooked kale has 1000% more vitamin C than a cup of cooked spinach. Vitamin C helps support your immune system, hydrate your body, and boost your metabolism. it's also necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues.

Try adding kale to your diet a few times a week to boost your energy and feel full longer. Its many nutrients can even promote health in your heart, digestive system, eyes, hair, and nails, so be sure to steam some with your dinner tonight and start reaping the numerous benefits.

How MTS Nutrition Machine Greens + Multi is Made

Machine Greens + Multi: the Ultimate Supplement Shake

The benefits of superfoods like kale are undeniable, but the fact is that some of us just don't like the taste of healthy food. If you don't get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, it doesn't have to offset your fitness goals. Our featured product, Machine Greens + Multi, is a supplement full of the benefits from fruits and veggies with the added perk of a complete multivitamin.

The Greens

The Green Balance Alkalizing Blend was formulated to boost energy and stamina to keep you going all day long. It also aims to assist with mineral replenishment and support your body's systems. Help your body go farther to ensure you get the most out of your day.

With a synergistic "green" formula of naturally occurring phytonutrients, chlorophyll, live enzymes, bioavailable vitamins and minerals, this shake supplement contains several certified organic ingredients and no artificial colors or sweeteners. Add a scoop of powder to your morning breakfast shake or your water bottle to pack a nutritious punch into your diet.
MTS Machine Greens

Machine Greens allows you to drink your fruits, veggies, and vitamins all in one convenient shake. Try it NOW.

The Fruits

A nutrient-dense blend of fruits provides whole body antioxidant support. Acai, maqui, jabutica, acerola, raspberry and more are the superstars in this shake, providing a potent variety of vitamins, minerals, carotenes, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. These benefits are easily absorbed by your system and promote cardiovascular and cognitive function support.

Other Benefits

ProDURA bacillus coagulans is a spore forming bacteria that can withstand stomach acid in order to release benefits when it reaches the large intestine. Clinical studies have shown its natural ability to support your body in several ways. This includes inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, reducing lactose intolerance, and helping to lower cholesterol.

Another element that can help displace pathogenic bacteria and encourage anti-viral activities is a bacteria called lactobacillus plantarum. Naturally found in fermented dairy and vegetables, this bacteria synthesizes L-lysine, an amino acid that promotes the absorption of calcium and building muscle tissue.

Lactobacillus salivarius has several benefits associated with its consumption: it can help with chronic bowel conditions such as IBS or ulcerative colitis, inhibit pathogenic bacteria, assist with better digestion and even removes plaque from your teeth.

This collection of versatile and helpful bacteria is just the beginning of the benefits associated with this incredible shake. For supporting your internal organs, the powder contains:
  • Milk Thistle to aid in the health of your liver
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid which, aside from numerous health benefits, help separate nutrients to lean tissue and away from fat tissue
  • Choline Bitartrate for vital body functions including the transmission of signals in your nervous system
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, a modified version of Cysteine with powerful antioxidant properties to help prevent inflammation and cell damage

it's Also a Multivitamin

Not only will this shake provide you with all of the above benefits, it also includes a high-end multivitamin to provide you with complete, all-around health. Your body can get all of the health benefits of superfoods along plus a multivitamin all from the same shake. Save yourself some time and money by investing in this health supplement, and include one scoop a day for maximum potential.

It Tastes Great

MTS is a brand you can trust, with a variety of quality supplements for every health need to help you reach your fitness goals. The problem with most green supplements is the taste; if you're not a fan of vegetables, why would you want to taste them in your shake? Get all of your fruits, veggies, vitamins, and minerals at once in a great tasting scoop and feel the difference for yourself.

Have you ever found yourself staring at a pile of vegetables, knowing their powerful properties but knowing you can't stomach them? The Machine Greens + Multi from MTS will help you gain all the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables without the taste.

Have a scoop in the morning with your regular protein shake, or mix well in a bottle of water for lasting energy all day and long-lasting body support to keep you in top form. don't feel guilty for skipping your greens - try this convenient shake and keep working toward your ultimate fitness goals.
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