Weights Over Dates? 10 Reasons Why the Gym is Your Best Valentine

Weights Over Dates? 10 Reasons Why the Gym is Your Best Valentine

it's that time of year again. People either love or hate Valentine's Day depending on their relationship status.

we've all had years where we can't wait for Valentine's Day, and other years where we absolutely cannot stand the sight of a Valentine's Day card. However, if you are single on the day of love, have no fear, because if you have nothing else you always have the gym.

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Girlfriends and boyfriends may come and go from your life, but as Ronnie Coleman once said, ?200 pounds is always 200 pounds.?

Here are ten reasons why the gym is better than having a Valentine.

10 Reasons to Choose Weights Before Dates

Red Rose#1 - Weights save money

Dates and gifts can be expensive, sometimes costing upwards of several hundred dollars. Fancy restaurants, expensive jewelry, roses, candy you name it.

A gym membership, on the other hand, costs less than a dinner for two at a local steakhouse. Plus you can go countless times per month.

#2 - Weights don't complain

Nagging girlfriends and boyfriends can constantly complain (over again and again) if they are unhappy. The gym on the other hand never complains, and is always there to comfort you in times of need.

#3 - You don't need reservations

Valentine?s Day is one of the most popular date nights of the year, meaning you have to make reservations weeks and weeks in advance.

Just pop right into the gym at any given time night or day and get right to work. No need to wait in line.

#4 - You don't have to dress up

Going to fancy restaurants requires dressing in fine attire with politely displaying your manners at all times. Going to the gym on the other hand requires only a tank top and a pair of sweatpants.

No need to break out that hair brush because the gym never cares if you have bed-head.

#5 - You don't have to say you?re sorry

When you have a significant other there are bound to be points in time in which you do something wrong or hurt the feelings of each other.

You never have to say you?re sorry to the gym, but you do have to say please forgive me for the gains I am about to receive.

#6 - The gym doesn't make you gain weight

Lots of candy and steak dinners may make you gain some additional weight on the day of love. Going to the gym on the other hand will actually make you lose weight as opposed to gaining it.

#7 - The weights let you "get it on" daily (sometimes twice)

Never mind waiting for your partner to get into the right mood or state of mind. The weights let you work your magic as hard and as often as you want, no matter the time of day or night.

No need to even call. Just simply show up and get to work.

#8 - The gym won't get angry when you forget

Perhaps you forgot an important birthday, or an anniversary. That can become a huge issue and place tremendous stress upon a relationship.

The gym won't mind if you forget your anniversary or their birthday. You won't be forced to sleep on the couch or be punished for what you did wrong.

#9 - The gym won't leave you

The gym is always there for you and will never leave your side during times of need. The gym won't pick up and leave you for another guy or girl and will always be there to help ease any pains and stresses you may have in your life.

The gym is more loyal than a faithful Labrador retriever with a much lower level of maintenance.

#10 - The gym won't send you mixed signals

Dating people can end up in a variety of mixed signals.

You never once have to worry about the gym giving you mixed signals because what you see is what you get always. The gym won't get angry when you forget to text back because you are hanging out with the boys for the weekend.

If you have a Valentine this year be sure to treat enjoy the time but if you happen to be single on this time of year just think to yourself weights over dates.

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