15 of the Most Amazing Body Transformations on Instagram

15 of the Most Amazing Body Transformations on Instagram

#1 - John David Glaude Lost 170 Pounds

#2 - Catrice Survillion Lost 190 Pounds!

#3 - Healthier Herb Juiced His Way to Weight Loss

#4 - Miss Carli Jay Lost 122 Pounds in 19 Months

Throw Back Thursday to Christmas 2012 - I was literally like a big round pudding but now through all my cardio and weight training I have shape and a waist -something I have never had my entire life ?????? I probably ate whatever I wanted that day nearing 4000-5000 calories ? but hey it's Christmas they say, ?enjoy yourself? ??? To me there is enjoying yourself with limitations, I still eat and enjoy food, but I have a better relationship with it, I know what is better for me, what I should have more of and what I should have less off. I know when I am full and to STOP eating. I know the difference between being hungry and boredom/comfort eating ??? It has been a personal learning curve for me but something I had to mentally to do in order to get healthy and ultimately lose 122.3lbs in the last 19 months. At only 5?3 I was wider than I was tall, and although yes happy and confident I am now healthier, slimmer and still happy and confident with who I am. ??? Learn to educate yourself, listen to your body and love the skin you?re in, this is about a mindset change and making it your lifestyle, not dieting or quick wins ????

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#5 - Grewal Pavninder Lost 114 Pounds in 9 Months

#6 - Ashley King Was 75 Pounds Overweight

I ran into some girls from highschool, and I knew all of the girls except one. The girl that didn't recognize me quietly asked her friend who I was and the friend responded,"that's the girl that used to be fat!The one that I was telling you about!"??It's so important that we all realize how truly amazing we as individuals are. And that is one reason why I love what @kyliejenner is doing. She has an anti bullying campaign which is called #IamMoreThan. We all know that I am a Kardashian fan so I am Joining this campaign. I was so much more than a victim of bullying. I was so much more than a girl who was "fat". I was so much more than a girl who couldn't participate in activities because of my weight. I was so much more than a victim. I was so much more than just being 75lbs overweight. After I lost my weight, I felt like I got categorized into "The Girl Who Used To Fat" category. But I am so much more than that and you are too. I think sometimes we let one big defining moment (for me that is loosing 75lbs) define a big chunk of us. And we allow ourselves to be defined by that, because bassically it's kind of easy to let it define us. Plain and simple. At least for me! And even though I did work my booty off.. Literally? every day for the longest time. And even tho loosing 75lbs is a big factor in who I am. And even tho I am insanely proud that I beat the odds and lost 75lbs... I realize that I AM MORE. I AM MORE THAN THAT. I am more than the fat girl. I am more than just a girl who lost 75lbs. I am more than the number on the scale. I am more than a stretch mark on my hips. I am more than "The girl that used to be fat" So anyway, I just wanted to share that! Happy Transformation Tuesday:) What are you more than? Use the hashtag #IAmMoreThan and leave a comment below? telling me what you are more than! Or post a picture and tag me so I can read all your #IAmMoreThan posts! #AshleyKTransformation

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#7 - Progress Not Perfection Looks Amazing and Lost 125 Pounds

Everyone one of us on a Weight Loss/ Healthy/ Get Fit Journey has one thing in common and that is the "Strength to Achieve" anything we set our mind to!!! No one is to blame if you fall off your path! No one but ourselves! People can tell you all day long "you need to lose weight", "you need to eat this", etc.. Ok duly noted and yes you will take their advice and do it because they said so, because u know their right.. But I promise you if the reason u start has anything to do with you doing it for someone else, YOU WILL FALL OFF!! It has to be done on YOUR TIME, WHEN YOU SAY TO YOURSELF "Enough is enough, no more excuses I'm doing it this time no matter how long it takes"!!! So many people I come across has issues with staying on the path that they started and I always ask them "what made you start"???.... I learned these two thing called "Self-Responsibility" & "Accountability"... I stopped accepting the way I was because I knew in my soul I was not happy being unhealthy! It was just EASY being Lazy! Easy putting on a mask and covering up!! Easy alright until I got home and my image I imagined in my head didn't match the image starring back at me!! When I decided "No more starting over" was going to be my Way, everything fell right into place!! I worked my ass off EVERYDAY 3 times a day some days to achieve my Goal!! I never settled, I started learning and understanding my body and this lifestyle!! I started seeing change and got ADDICTED to it!!! I say this to say YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO!! The simplest advice u will ever receive!! Because guess what? It is Simple! It's all about DOING IT!! No excuses, no settling, no starting over, JUST GET IT DONE!! Give yourself 90 Days that's only 3 months of change to try something positive for YOURSELF!! No cheat days, no days off... Just put the work in for a short amount of time a day in the gym and eat/drink right while your home or dining out! It's that simple!!! Anyone is capable!! @weightlosstransformations @great_weightloss_inspirations @transformationfitnation @trainandtransform @realprogress @cutthefat_ @traintoamaze @realheidipowell #humpdaymotivation

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#8 - Kate Looks Great After Dropping the Weight!

#9 - Gymrat Pat Lost - Wait for it - 320 Pounds!

I know it's not Tuesday but it is #motivationalMonday. I went from 600lbs 49% body fat - 304 19% bf, my goal is to be 280lbs under 15% bf. The picture on the right was from two years ago just getting off tour with #kattwilliams, where being big was cool well that's what I thought I remember I couldn't even do a pushup weighing in some where around 600lbs. I say some where around that weight because your normal scale couldn't weigh me. I was so tired of being that guy on the right that I told myself it's time for a change!!! I refused to get gastric bypass or any other type of surgery, even if doctors told me I'm a perfect candidate. Being Dangerously obese, prediabetic, and having high blood pressure they recommended it. I was told if I try and lose it on my own it would take 5years to lose 250 pounds, well guess what I lost 300lbs in 2years and still pushing. With hard work, dedications, a clean diet, consistency and some guidance when I needed it. I refused to see personal trainers , nutritionist or anyone else because, I was 6'8 and 600lbs I thought If you never been this weight you can't tell me how I feel or what I can do mentally or physically. So I taught myself, I did have some great pointers and help along the way but for the most part I figured out my own body. So after two years I'm finally starting to see what all this work was for getting so close to my goals I can taste it. So remember it's not just something that will happen over night you must be patient and stay consistent never quit #mondaymotivation #weightlost #gainz #nodaysoff #nocheatcodes #werk #gymlife #gymrat #focus #cleaneating #gyn #goals #dreamchaser #loveyourself #transformation #transformationtuesday

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#10 - Rebecca Richardson Made One of the Most Amazing Transformations You Will Ever See

#11 - Healthy Happy Lora Completely Turned Her Life Around

#12 - Daniela Lost 55 Pounds in 5 Months

Vou contar um pouquinho da minha historia!!!! Fui bailarina clássica desde os 5 anos de idade, com 12 anos entrei em pânico com medo de engordar e não mais poder dançar, assim resolvi parar de comer!!! Após um período muito magra, comecei a comer compulsivamente e assim começou meu efeito sanfona, fiz uso de remédios para emagrecer, laxantes e diuréticos e depois voltava a engordar o dobro, antes de casar resolvi fechar a boca e emagreci muito, casei magrinha como sempre sonhei, porém logo após meu casamento engordei, comia sem fome, comia por tristeza, alegria, insatisfação, por vontade, tudo se resumia a comer!!! Em dezembro de 2014 na festa de fim de ano da minha família ninguém acreditava no tamanho que eu estava tão pouco na compulsão alimentar em que eu me afundava. Eu sabia que tinha que mudar, mas eu não tinha força para isso eu queria muito mas não fazia nada pra mudar. Em março após muita motivação da minha irmã e marido entrei em uma academia e comecei uma dieta! No primeiro mês fiz uma dieta elaborada por mim mesma (sou advogada e não nutri então lóóógico que fiz errado) em abril comecei personal com a @soelencracco que sempre me apoiou e me indicou a minha nutri!!! Hoje pela primeira vez sem remédios, sem dietas malucas eu procuro ser apenas a minha melhor versão e estou amando!!!!! #todaextra

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#13 - Tiger Fitness Editorial Director Steve Shaw Lost 104 Pounds

#14 - Jessica Valitutto Dropped an Amazing 200 Pounds!

"O pessimismo tem carne fraca pros músculos firmes do meu otimismo. Eu sigo. Eu consigo. Eu persisto. Eu sinto tanto e sempre e tudo. Muito. Aos bocados. O tempo é meu melhor amigo: me faz crescer pra minha infância. Eu promovo todos os dias uma amizade macia com as árvores, o mar, os bichos. O céu me orienta. Se me recolho ou vou do poço ao fundo, eu volto rápido pelo impacto que me causa o horizonte diminuído. Então, vamos viver e tornar tudo possível, exercer a autenticidade. O mundo jamais será concluído." 90 kg eliminados em 4 anos!!!??? ?????????????? "Pessimism has weak flesh pros firm muscles of my optimism Following I can I persist I'm so sorry and always and everything Very At bits Time is my best friend:....... Makes me grow up to my childhood self. promote every day a tender friendship with the trees, the sea, the animals. The sky guides me. If me or I gather from the well in the background, I turn fast the impact that causes me the horizon decreased. So let's live and make it possible to exercise authenticity. The world will never be completed. " 90 kg eliminated in 4 years !!! ??? @jessicavalitutto @jessicavalitutto . . Follow @great_weightloss_inspirations for inspiring stories, tips and a possible feature? . . Tag someone, share and motivate!

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#15 - Sandra Benitez Went From Overweight to Fantastic!

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