Overhead Cable Curl

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Biceps
Secondary Muscle(s) Forearms
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Isolation
Type Pull

Overhead Cable Curl Instructions

  • Set each pulley above your shoulders with a single handle attached on both.
  • Feet positioned in an athletic stance slightly outside shoulder-width.
    • Your knees are slightly bent and toes pointed straight ahead.
  • The core is braced and engaged. Shoulders are pinned back with your chest up.
  • Stand in between the two weight stacks and grab the handles with an underhand grip. Allow you arms to be lengthened and parallel to the floor.
  • With your elbows slightly bent, curl the handles inwards towards your ears, initiating and controlling the movement with your biceps and forearms.
  • Lower the weight to the starting position, your arms parallel the floor with elbows slightly bent


  • The muscle used first will be used the most. Initiate the movement with your bicep, not your lower half or shoulder.
  • Keep tension on the bicep through the full range-of-motion.
  • Do not let your elbows flare internally or externally.
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