Barbell Hip Thrust (Weighted Hip Extension)

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Glutes
Secondary Muscle(s) Hamstrings
Equipment Barbell
Emphasis Compound
Type Push

Barbell Hip Thrust Instructions

  • Sit on the ground with a flat bench behind you.
  • Feet positioned roughly shoulder-width.
  • A loaded barbell is positioned over your legs. Use a bar pad or towels to lessen the discomfort of the exercise.
  • Roll the bar up until it is exactly above your hips and lean your upper back & shoulders against the flat bench.
    • There should now be a couple of inches between your glutes and the floor.
    • Rest your hands on the barbell.
  • Initiate the exercise by extending your hips (raising your glutes) up through the bar.
    • You are driving through your feet through the floor.
    • Actively contracting your glutes
  • Don't overextend your low back. Focus on the contraction of the glutes versus how high you raise the barbell.
    • There is not a large range-of-motion.
  • The top position should be your knees, hips, and shoulders roughly parallel to the floor.
  • Lower slowly to the starting position.


  • Warm-up with bodyweight only. Make sure you can feel the glute activation before progressing to the barbell. 
  • Changing your foot placement will alter the stimulus in your glutes. 
  • Aim for volume on this exercise, not heavy singles, doubles, or triples.
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