Cable Preacher Curl

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Biceps
Secondary Muscle(s) -
Equipment Cable
Emphasis Isolation
Type Pull

Cable Preacher Curl Instructions

  • Set a cable machine pulley to the lowest point.
  • Place a preacher bench in front of the cable machine.
  • Grab the attachment with an underhand grip and get into starting position with the upper arms and chest situated against the padding.
  • To start, the bar is roughly shoulder height.
  • Lower the bar slowly until your arms are fully extended.
    • Feel your biceps elongating and controlling the motion.
  • For this movement especially, the eccentric portion is just as important as the concentric.
  • Curl the bar to the starting position using your bicep and no added momentum.
  • Keep tension on the cable during the whole set.


  • The muscle used first will be used the most. Momentum will negate the movement.
  • The purpose of the preacher curl is to isolate the bicep, negating momentum or other musculature.
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