Bent Arm Pullover

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Lats
Secondary Muscle(s) Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Equipment Barbell
Emphasis Compound
Type Pull

Bent Arm Pullover Instructions

  • Grab the desired barbell weight with an overhand grip and situate hands at about shoulder width apart. Lay back on a flat bench.
  • To get into starting position, position the bar straight over your chest with a bent to your arms.
  • Maintaining the bent-arms position, begin by slowly lowering the barbell behind your head in a curved path until there’s a good stretch in the chest.
  • Bring the weight back up to starting position using the reverse motion.
  • After a brief pause at the starting point, repeat the same movement over again.
  • Complete desired number of reps.

Bent Arm Pullover Tips

  • Inhale as you pull the bar over you and exhale as you bring it back to starting position.
  • Use slow, controlled movements.
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