Join Tiger Fitness at the Arnold Sports Festival - Booth 1831
Join Tiger Fitness at the Arnold Sports Festival - Booth 1831
Tiger Fitness is hitting the Arnold Sports Festival hard with an all-star iron game lineup. Make sure to stop by Booth 1831 and meet:

Marc Lobliner

Marc Lobliner - Tiger Fitness CMO, MTS Nutrition CEO and Youtube Sensation

Marc is Chief Marketing Officer of, as well as Owner/CEO of two of the fastest growing supplement companies, EthiTech Nutrition and MTS Nutrition.

Marc Lobliner is also Vice President of the American Natural Bodybuilding Federation; Partner in Hollywood Militia Training; President of "The Uprising Muscle Camps, a 501c non-profit organization and owns the clothing line Machine Training Gear. Alongside this, Marc is a professional bodybuilder.

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman - 8x Mr. Olympia and Founder of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Alongside his eight Mr. Olympia wins as a professional bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman holds the record for most wins as an IFBB professional with 26. He broke the previous record in Moscow On November 5th, 2004. In July, 2012, Ronnie Coleman Launched Ronnie Coleman Signature Series.

Doug Miller

Doug Miller - Core Nutritionals CEO and Pro Bodybuilding Phenom

Core Nutritionals is headed by drug-free pro bodybuilder Doug Miller. Sick and tired of supplements that are built around hype and that simply do not work, Doug uses his biochemistry background to focus on producing superior products that are proven to work.

Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid - IMSOALPHA iX3 CEO and Overtraining Freak!

Mike Rashid is the CEO and founder of IMSOALPHA iX3 supplements and the author of the "Overtraining" series of eBooks. He is a former professional boxer who won 2 Gold Gloves, as well as a pro WBFF Muscle Model. Mike is also the co-owner of Metroflex LBC, the original iron addicts gym.

Nick Wright

Nick Wright - Powerlifter and Founder of Nick Wright Bodybuilding (NWBB)

Nick Wright is a competitive powerlifter and former bodybuilder, and a popular Youtube celebrity. An iSatori sponsored athlete, Nick is the found of Nick Writing Bodybuilding Lifestyle clothing.

Garey Faulkner

Garey Faulkner - World Famous Beard Model

Garey Faulkner is a world famous beard model and actor. He has appeared on countless TV shows, sports programs and websites all across the world. Garey Faulkner is also a pro bmx bike rider.

Chelsea Lifts

Chelsea Lifts - Powerlifting Vixen and Co-Owner of Emineo Apparel

Chelsea is a top-ranked female powerlifter with an extremely strong Youtube following. She is the founder of Raise The Bar apparel, and a strength and diet coach.

Sean Torbati

Sean "Rich Homie" Torbati - CEO of High Performance Nutrition

Sean is the CEO of High Performance Nutrition and a natural athlete. HPN is not about hype or misleading claims. Sean prides himself on offering supplements that have the best, highest and most potent ingredients.

Aracely Reno

Aracely Reno - Tiger Fitness CSR and Fiery Iron Goddess

Aracely Reno is a Tiger Fitness Customer Service Representative and a fiery iron goddess who might just warm up with your max.

Sarah Cook

Sarah "The Terror" Cook - Female MMA Cage Fighter

Nicknamed "The Terror", Sarah Cook is a tough as nails Mixed Martial Arts cage fighter hailing from Ohio. She currently has 5 victories under her belt, and is looking to climb into the pro ranks.


Chad "Birdman" Burdett - Tiger Fitness Resident MASSematician

Tiger Fitness' own Chad "Birdman" Burdett is a powerbuilding stud with Herculean strength and the muscle mass to back it up. He lives and breathes the iron and it shows - even down to his Tiger Fitness tattoos.

Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw - Powerbuilding Beast and Tiger Fitness Editorial Director

Steve Shaw is Editorial Director at Tiger Fitness and an industry author who has written hundreds of lifting articles and workouts. He is ranked 8th all-time in the over-40 SHW powerlifting class with a 1,653 raw total.