"He's On Steroids!" - The Cry of the Confused, Angry and Lazy Lifter
"He's On Steroids!" - The Cry of the Confused, Angry and Lazy Lifter
What an original topic for a bodybuilding write up! I know this subject has been talked about more than Pop-Tarts (well maybe not, Pop-Tarts are pretty awesome). But I want to talk about it because I feel I have a neat-o perspective on the matter (yes I said "neat-o").

I am truly amazed at the attention that steroids get in bodybuilding. How so many people can rationalize their lack of drive and discipline by pointing out such a small facet of the lifestyle that is "bodybuilding."

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Steroids Are Merely Icing on the Cake

When I see online or hear people in person say things like, "They look like that because they are on steroids." It's completely asinine to me. You are really going to rationalize your inability to do what that person does by pointing out such a small facet of their lifestyle.

I know better. You should too.

It only tells me this person has no clue what it is like to "choke" down food, lift through pain and illness and stay consistent all at the same time. All you are doing is merely pointing out the spec of "advantage" a person may have and exposing your lack of knowledge and experience. By my "stats" you can see I am not that big but due to my ability to be lean with muscles I have even been accused of steroid use because there is no way a human can get that way without them.

Are you serious?

Are you that confused and angry (even jealous) on why you are not lean and muscular? You eat clean three days a week and workout six, doing legs and cardio once a month and talk half the time you are in the weight room. You are indirectly under minding that individuals hard work and dedication by either making false claims or focusing on such a small part on what they do.

I have seen two types of people who take steroids. The first type are the people who believe by merely taking the steroid and lifting weights they will eventually look like a Phil Health or Kai Greene, all while still eating Taco Bell and slamming beers. They go into the gym and may have a good bench but their bodies are not necessarily distinct.

The other type is the person who watches what they eat, workout hard and consistently, know their supplements live the lifestyle. Their bodies stand out. Their hard work shows to the trained and tried eyes, not their steroid use.

Final Thoughts

Let me close by answering the question I get asked a lot, "Why haven't you taken steroids if you are a proponent of them?" Let me say that I do not know if I am a proponent of them, but I respect hard work. I have not taken them because I do not believe I would take them safely.

I have the self-awareness to know where to trample and where to avoid. I have a slight case of body dysmorphia and steroids would "feed the beast" if you will. All I would do is feed into the negative stigma that not only steroids but bodybuilding gets by being another "meat head" who abuses a drug that actually if taken correctly, does more good for people in general than bad.

To quote Ben Pakulski from Generation Iron (and one of the more sensible things I have heard this guy say) in response to people saying they could do what he does if on steroids, "No you couldn't. You couldn't do what I do."

Chances are folks, he is right.