Make Your Leg Workouts Better by Kris Gethin
Make Your Leg Workouts Better by Kris Gethin
The other day I had 45 minutes to do as much damage as possible to my legs, stimulating every muscle fiber within my quads, hams and glutes. Within the workout I utilized some DTP Extreme leg extension sets which are absolutely hideous by anyones standards, along with some super slow maximal tension split squats.

However, the one thing I did before any of this higher rep, high tension stuff was Creatine HCL Click here to order Creatine HCL now.[/caption]

Quite amazing isn't it?

So that squat in isolation isn't much, nor is it that taxing for just one rep. However what it does do is get my legs ready to grow from all the other stuff I throw at them.

It's a nice little trick, which can be used with most compounds such as deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press etc. There was a sprinter (can't remember which one), American guy I'm sure, who squatted circa 200kg just before breaking the 100M world record. The theory there was the same, I certainly have seen a difference.

Of course, it's fun being strong as well. Creatine HCL will make you even stronger!