The Fit Mom Diet - 3 Solutions to Overcome Bad Advice
The Fit Mom Diet - 3 Solutions to Overcome Bad Advice
If you look up "fit mom diet" on the Internet, chances are you'll be bombarded the worst diet advice on the planet. For women, you'll see calories slashed to basal metabolic levels (meaning the number of calories you burn at rest, before you even wake up and digest your first cup of coffee), or restrictive plans like green juice all day, veganism, raw, fruit-only, no carb, fast after 6PM.

In other words, just about everything to crash your metabolism and whittle you to a weak, hungry shell of your former self.

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Bad Advice & Solution #1 - Calorie Balance

The first garbage you see geared towards women is the ultra-low calorie diet. Tiny portions, skimpy salads with a spritz of dressing and all day juice cleanses are the go-to suggestions for a "skinny model" diet. Many of these plans are between 1100-1300 calories, which, unless you are 4 foot 2 and weigh about 91 pounds, is not a good idea.

Will you lose weight? Absolutely. But, those types of diets cause your metabolism to run as slow as possible and leave you with the one-two punch of slow metabolism and post diet binge-eating, which means major bloat and direct-to-fat storage. It's not a pretty picture for your body or your mind.

The reality is you should set your caloric goal to match your age, stage and activity level, not some arbitrary number used by miserable women who think three strawberries, lemon water and a Macros

Bad Advice & Solution #2 - Macronutrient Balance

The next wrong-headed path is hard restrictions. Too many health gurus lie about food. They say certain foods are inherently bad, or times of day you eat are bad, or that your eye color, blood type or body shape determines what you should and shouldn't eat. None of these claims are backed by science.

Chances are any extra weight you may be carrying is a result of stress-eating your kids leftover chicken nuggets, not from some demonized food component. Every macronutrient is important.

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Bad Advice & Solution #3 - Life Balance

The third bit of bad advice that I see in this industry is the implied necessity for a mom to eat like a bikini competitor in prep mode. There are many self-proclaimed "diet counselors" out there, all too happy to charge you for a generic bikini prep diet or a confusing regimen of meticulous nutrient partitioning and supplementation only applicable to competitors.

You don't need to eat like an athlete if you're not, nor eat foods that disgust you or give you bad gas. You don't need to eat every two hours and you certainly don't need to stop eating at 6PM. You need to eat so you have energy throughout the day and at convenient times that fit your schedule. Think of the total input by the end of the day being more important than each individual meal.
  • re you hungry at 9PM? Factor in a meal at 9PM.
  • Do you find yourself raiding the cabinets at 3PM? Have a meal at 2:30, or eat a snack, like a protein bar, at 3PM.
  • Are you picking food off of your kid's plates because you haven't eaten yet? Microwave your dinner before they eat, so you aren't hungry while you clean up the table. Planning is key.

Good Advice - Meal Prep

Where exercise has kept me a fit mom, meal prep has kept me a lean mom. As much as I try to stay in control, life calls the shots, sometimes even before the morning alarm goes off.

If I am not on top of my food, I'm sunk. So, I spend a few hours on a Sunday packaging my lunches and dinners for the week and organizing my snacks, and in return I rarely get caught up in the danger zone of being hungry and without a plan.

Don't feel that everyone has to eat the same food at the same times. This notion tangled me up for too long, trying to find meals that pleased everyone and eating when it was convenient for the kids or waiting until my husband got home from work. I eat on a slightly different schedule than my family, but it works for me – and for them.

I purchased meal prep containers in bulk and fill them with a lean protein, veggies and a bit of whole grains or starchy-carbohydrates. I eat the same thing every day, with a menu that changes weekly. It saves on time and cost.

I have meals ready to be warmed up when I need them, plus a cabinet full of protein powders and protein bars for snacks. I also keep apples, peanut butter, and Greek-style yogurt on hand. All during the week, I don't worry about a thing, I just pull out a meal from the fridge and BAM.

A Fit Mom Diet is one that you can plan and sustain. It fuels you without bogging you down or depriving you. And, most importantly, it works with you and for YOU. You owe it to yourself to spend some time on the quality of your diet. It will make all the difference.