How NOT to Become a Powerbuilding, Fat Burning, Functional Training Machine
How NOT to Become a Powerbuilding, Fat Burning, Functional Training Machine
Everywhere you look you see divided focus in the gym. You can observe it in the titles of KettlebellYou must be focused in your training to obtain the body you want or the performance you are seeking.  Be honest with yourself, will spending months learning the snatch and the clean and jerk make you a better bodybuilder or will running agility ladders translate into Marc Lobliner

3 Methods to Focus and Be Relentless

Method #1 - Plan your training and nutrition

You must not lack the "Seven Ps" in your training and nutrition.
  • Proper
  • Prior
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Piss
  • Poor
  • Performance
In training it is as simple as having a workout plan that supports your goals and being relentless with it for at least eight weeks before making any "improvements", or additions, or swapping it out for another workout plan. Good things happen when you give your body time to adapt to your training.

I know that variety is popular right now but, too much will only leave you sore and confused why you are not making progress. Having a plan with a general structure will help you stay focused on achieving the results you want in the quickest amount of time.

Planning out your nutrition is vital in staying focused on your goal. Knowing where your next meal is coming from keeps you from letting yourself starve on your way home from work only to binge on the closest source of fast food or takeout.

Don't derail your progress because your lack of planning has left you so hungry that you lose focus on your goal while hunting for your next meal. You don't have to be a meal prep ninja, you can still eat at restaurants just as long as it is part of the plan. Plan the hunt. Then hunt the plan.

Weight RoomMethod #2 - Set a deadline

Giving yourself something to look forward to or compete in can be a powerful motivator and keep you focused, at least for a while. Want to transform your body to look a certain way?

Schedule a beach vacation or pool party a couple of months ahead of time and get to work. Want to get freakishly strong? Start training for a powerlifting, strongman, or weightlifting meet.

There are numerous ways to create a deadline to help you focus on your goals. Give your training purpose and focus like a laser beam on accomplishing your goal.

Method #3 - Keep it simple

The KISS principle is your friend when it comes to both training and nutrition. One of the biggest problems in these areas is that people make gaining muscle or losing fat this complex, unobtainable, feat that requires you to train with bands and chains attached to the bar and calculating percentages of your one rep max for every single repetition of every single set with timed rest periods and everything else plotted out on an excel spread sheet.

In theory these programs are great but, in practice, they are difficult to follow and fit into a normal life style and often times these methods just aren't necessary for achieving your goals. You should be having fun training not wondering if your math is off.

You don't need some crazy carb cycling, nutrient timed, intermittent fasting on Sundays, IIFYM on Mondays diet to reach your goals either. How awesome is it to have to worry about food 24/7? Do you enjoy turning your food into math and tracking every single calorie or re arranging your schedule so you don't miss a meal?

Unless you are taking your bodyfat down from 10% into the single digits, all of those methods are really just causing you to lose focus and worry about unnecessary variables in your life. Trust me, you will not shrivel up and die if you can't eat your 2:47pm protein bar because you're in a last minute meeting every once in a while.

The point here is that the simpler something is to do the more easily you can focus on it and eventually master it. In training it is necessary to have some form of progression in load and volume and in nutrition it is necessary to control energy balance while providing adequate nutrients.

The more simply you can approach your training and nutrition the easier time you will have achieving the results you seek.

Final Thoughts

In summary, don't try to accomplish too many things at once with your training one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to lose focus on what you are training for. Keep the goal the goal and give it everything that you have with the time that you've got.

Be relentless.

Remember your training, nutrition, and lifestyle should support your goal so stay focused. The best ways of staying focused are to have a plan with training and nutrition, set deadlines, and keep your training and nutrition practices simple.