The Best Workout Routines - Our Top 10 Training Programs
The Best Workout Routines - Our Top 10 Training Programs
Looking for a solid workout? Ready to get your sweat on, and build the body you want, and back this lean, fit physique with superhero-like strength levels? Then you've come to the right place.

There are many ways to rate workouts. This article will simply rate the training programs that appear on Tiger Fitness by popularity. We've tracked the number of times each workout has been read over the course of the last year, and given them an impact rating. Also included is information of who the workout is best suited for, and what the expected results are.

The impact rating is a measure of the workout's popularity and effectiveness. While no program is perfect for everyone, each of these workouts deliver big results. The impact rating is a measure of just how intense and effective each program is for the average Joe or Jane, and just how popular it has become on the site.

#1 - Intense 8 Week Bodybuilding Workout Routine

97 Rating Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Build Muscle Day Per Week - 5 Workout Type - Bodypart Split Author - Rob Engelman Sets Per Workout - 17 to 21

This workout program is a great way to help your body prepare for years of progress in the gym. You will be working one muscle group per day with abs added at the end of two sessions.

Running this program for 8 weeks will allow you muscles time to adapt to weight training while increasing strength as the body begins to change.

There are two reasons this program focuses on training one muscle group each day for five days.
  1. This program is designed to seriously challenge each muscle group while providing ample rest and recovery periods between training sessions.
  2. This program is designed to increase an individual's workout ethic by altering daily routines to get the trainee in the gym 5 days per week.

#2 - 4 Day Workout Routine For Impressive Gains

95 Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Build Muscle Day Per Week - 4 Workout Type - Bodypart Split Author - Rob Engelman Sets Per Workout - 21 to 29

This 4-day split will allow you to effectively attack the target muscle groups each day. It also provides "off days" on Wednesdays and the weekend.

Compound and isolation exercises are used to properly push each muscle group for optimal results. This 12 week program contains 6-8 exercises per day that will prove to be both challenging and rewarding when the rep and set schedule are followed with the listed rest periods.

#3 - The Gainz Alliance 3 Day Workout Routine – Push, Pull, Legs

94 Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Build Muscle Day Per Week - 3 Workout Type - Bodypart Split Author - Marc Lobliner & Sean Torbati Sets Per Workout - 18 to 21

Whether you're a beginner or just strapped for time, this workout will help you make a copious amount of gains in minimal time!

For a beginner there is no need for more than three sessions a week. That is all you will need to make gains when beginning a weight training program. Busy individuals might only have time to train three days per week.

This program is based around the following core lifts:
  • Bench press
  • Deadlift
  • Squat
  • Pull ups/Assisted pull ups
  • Overhead press with barbell or dumbbells

#4 - Deadlift Every Day: 6 Weeks to a Bigger Back and Deadlift

92 Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Bigger Deadlift Day Per Week - 5 Workout Type - Bodypart Split Author - Marc Lobliner Sets Per Workout - 17 to 28

SQUAT: The king of all exercises.

I have seen this repeated so many times, and I am not going to argue about the benefits of the squat. But there are also reasons why it is not the king:
  • There is little to no grip or arms used in this movement.
  • It puts a lot of pressure on the spine and disks of the back (back squat specifically).
  • Hip and ankle mobility can be a huge limiting factor in achieving proper range of motion on this movement.
I am not going to tell people to avoid the squat, that would be silly. It is one of the "BIG THREE" (bench, squat and deadlift), and it is also just a kick butt movement. But I will argue that if there is a KING of the main bodybuliding lift, excluding Olympic lifts like the snatch and clean, it is the deadlift.

If you want a thick, strong back, impressive lumbars, head-squeezing traps and a strong and sexy core, this program is for you!

#5 - 6 Day Split Workout: PPP – Persistent Painful Progression

91 Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Build Muscle Day Per Week - 6 Workout Type - Arnold Style Split Author - Rob Engelman Sets Per Workout - 24 to 46

Does your mind repeatedly drift to the gym on your rest days? Have you mastered your current workout program to the point that your progress has slowed?

Do you need to increase your conditioning and endurance in the gym? Would you be willing and able to commit to lifting weights 6 days a week? Does the thought of two leg days a week intrigue you?

If you answered yes to these questions than this program is an excellent way to challenge yourself as you improve your body. This 6-day split provides one rest day per week and you will be thrilled when that day arrives arrives.

Performing this program will challenge your muscles to adapt to a different training approach. This approach will allow you to increase muscle and endurance while conditioning your body for additional progress.

#6 - Rebuilt Training With James Grage: 10 Week Workout Plan for Hypertrophy

91 Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Build Muscle Day Per Week - 5 Workout Type - Bodypart Split Author - James Grage Sets Per Workout - 17 to 21

BPI Sports Co-Founder James Grage survived a near-death car accident that forced him to re-evaluate his training. Through this adaptation, James created probably the most complete, concise and muscle-isolating systems I have ever used. My muscles all felt "worked" and fatigued at the end of each session, and my joints felt amazingly not sore.

Please try this routine – it just might change the way you look at long-term, effective training!

Here is the split breakdown:
  • Shoulders and Abs
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Chest and Abs

#7 - The 12 Week Booty Workout Program for Women

90 Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Bigger, Bolder Glutes Day Per Week - 4 to 5 Workout Type - Bodypart Split Author - Ryan Rodal Sets Per Workout - 17 to 21

Let's face it. It's all about the butt. Modern society and gym culture has turned its focus over to the booty. A high percentage of female workouts floating around the Internet are all about building a better back end.

Some women are born with better assets than others. Others have to put in extra work and dedication to turn those pancakes into watermelons.

Have no fear ladies. If you want to put a little extra junk in that trunk and have a bottom that will make Nicki Minaj or Kim K jealous, all it takes it a little time and dedication along with a solid program built upon the fundamentals.

Follow this program consistently with a steady diet and your milkshake will be sure to bring all the boys to the yard!

#8 - VPO-10 Training – Addressing All Muscle Growth Variables

88 Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Build Muscle Day Per Week - 6 Workout Type - Bodypart Split Author - Marc Lobliner Sets Per Workout - 21 to 23

There are three ways to stimulate hypertrophy:
  • Progressive overload
  • Volume
  • Frequency
There are also three main lifts the work the entire body, produce the most overload and lead to the most gains in strength, size and structural integrity – meaning lower back and core strength and health. What good is making gains if you have lower back pain and stand with a slouch?


This program is not only good for gains, it is good for YOU, all of you. Your posture, health and even cardiovascular performance. The three lifts we will focus on work the entire body and also call core and conditioning into play.

#9 - Next Level 5×5 Bench Press Program (Using Auto-Regulated Progression)

88 Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Bigger Bench Press Day Per Week - 4 Workout Type - Bench Specialization Author - Steve Shaw Sets Per Workout - 17 to 20

We're all familiar with 5×5 set and rep schemes. Like cockroaches, they are everywhere. And hard to tell apart.

Five by five workouts are effective. This fact can't be denied. They build strength, and provide a good enough mix of volume and weight intensity to build muscle.

But there is one aspect of 5×5 workouts that I don't care for: Linear progression. I'm simply not a fan of trying to add 5 pounds to the bar week in and week out. Strength gains are rarely linear, especially for a lifter who's been attacking the bench press more than a year or two.

Enter… Auto-regulated progression.

Auto-regulation allows you to breathe new life into the tired and old 5×5 set and rep protocol. Instead of arbitrarily forcing weight additions every week, you'll add weight to the bar when it makes sense; when your body allows you to do so.

#10 - Monster Training 5 Day Workout Split – Build Scary Size

88 Start This Workout - Click Here Primary Goal - Build Muscle Day Per Week - 5 Workout Type - Upper/Lower Author - Luke Atchley Sets Per Workout - 20 to 26

Was the only thing scary this Halloween the number on the scale or the inches in your biceps measurements? Were your costume choices limited to that malnourished skinny vampire guy from the Twilight series and Antman?

That sucks.

While it may be too late for you this year, if you follow this training program consistently and with the appropriate intensity you can achieve a freakish physique that will have the Boogyman checking under his bed for you.

Here's what you need to know:
  • Training volume is the most important factor in getting you bigger and hitting a muscle one time a week isn't going to cut it. We are going to hit a muscle group 3 times a week to pump up the volume.
  • Muscle isn't built in the gym, it's broken. It is your job to give your body every opportunity to rest and recover for the next workout. That means getting enough sleep and dialing in your nutrition and supplementation. If you are eating like a rabbit find another program or start eating like a monster.
  • If you want to look like a beast you need to train like a beast. Your workout is not the time to be snapping selfies and monitoring your fantasy football team. Get your mind right and focus on your objective of building some freakish mass.
  • The last sets are going to be 1½ reps, drops-sets, mechanical drop-sets, partial reps, or paused reps aka Monster sets to keep the intensity high. Stay consistent with this program and don't make any improvements for at least 8 weeks.