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Stuart Hui

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Stuart Hui

Dr. Stuart Hui is a movement specialist who specializes in sports performance. Dr. Stu has teamed up with MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner to develop Machine Motion, the joint formula you've been waiting for. Dr. Stu Testimonials: Dr. Stu Hui gave me back my sport. I searched for over 6 years, after a traumatic injury, for a medical practitioner who could get to the “crux” of my injuries. He is not only medical professional, but is also an athlete. He has an intrinsic understanding of how an athlete responds both physically and mentally when they are unable to perform their sport. Dr. Hui treats and trains the entire person, not just one part of the anatomy. His methodologies incorporate nutrition, physical strength and balance, visualization, and retraining how an athlete relates to incorporating those components into improving him or herself. He not only trains, but educates to improve performance and prevent injuries. If an injury occurs, he treats the inherent source, not just where “it hurts”. Unlike other medical practitioners, he doesn’t tell the athlete to take a few weeks off, take some medicines, and start physical therapy sometime in the future. He is extremely proactive and works with the athlete to get them fully active as soon as possible. Movement encourages movement. He knows that an athlete rarely will take time off when told to do so, therefore, he works with them, as a team, to get them active, healing, and back to participating in their sport. His methods and protocols for training athletes and treating of injuries are not static. He is constantly reeducating himself to be at the forefront of emerging techniques and practices. Above all else, he acknowledges the uniqueness of every one of his clients. The programs he sets up for them are unique to each individual. That type of one-on-one service, sets him apart from the majority of the medical professionals working with athletes today. Finally, and most importantly, what sets Dr. Stu apart from his contemporaries is his commitment to his clients. He genuinely cares about our successes. Whether it be decreased pain after injury, increased range of motion, performing the perfect deep squat, or dropping seconds off a 10k time, he shares in our joy of accomplishment. With him as part of our team, our “journey” is never traveled alone.From Courtney Ryan: Dr. Stu first began treating me for headaches and neck pain, and six years later, I continue to trust him with my overall health and fitness. The amount of knowledge Dr. Stu has is incredible. His intense focus on exercises that improve foundational movements has been much more beneficial for me than traditional exercise programs. What separates Dr. Stu from others is the way he educates while he trains. He is very thorough and explains the underlying benefits that each movement has on the human body. Dr. Stu has given me an entirely different perspective on how to train my body so that I can feel and perform to the best of my ability. Over the years, Dr. Stu has become much more than a health care provider, but a mentor and a friend. With his positivity and motivation, he continuously inspires me to become as well rounded and as dedicated to helping people as he is. Dr. Stu has opened my eyes to a whole new world of health and fitness and is the first person I go to for advice and treatment. When I leave Dr. Stu’s office, I not only feel healthier physically, but mentally as well. From Natalie Shadel: I sought Dr. Stu's help while suffering severe low back pain from a second, running-related stress fracture. Discouraged by other doctors recommending that I stop running competitively or stop running altogether, I was eager to hear that Dr. Stu believed that the problem was not that I was running, rather it was how I was running. He led me through movement-specific physical therapy, training me to utilize more efficient running form and increase bone density, preventing recurring injuries. What I found most beneficial, was that Dr. Stu's solution not only gave me pain relief, but was a sustainable solution to what had been a recurring problem, allowing me to continue to work toward my athletic goals. From Jaclyn Schreiner, LMT: Dr. Stu has helped me tremendously in the last 6 months. My balance and strength have improved giving me less pain in my daily life. He’s very knowledgeable, personable and knows just how far to push me in order for me to get the results I’m looking for. I definatly recommend him to my friends and family. Dr. Stu is an absolutely one of a kind amazing person and doctor and I look forward to continue to work with him! From Craig Hutson: It gives me great pride to submit this testimony. From the beginning Dr. Hui has demonstrated exceptional passion for the art of Judo. For that matter, I think in any endeavor that Stu takes, he demonstrates a high level of commitment. He has always been a model student for Dragon Kido AMA. Stu demonstrates an inner drive that not everyone has, moreover; Dr. Hui is a living example of the principles of our academy. He continuously demonstrates character traits of kindness, passion, initiative, determination and more. I appreciate the opportunity to say a few kind words.

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