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Ryan Rodal

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Ryan Rodal

Fitness was not always my first passion growing up. While most of the guys in the gym likely had backgrounds in sports such as football and baseball, I on the other hand spent most of my childhood playing Sega Genesis and watching Nascar. I always thought of gym guys as meatheads and never thought of myself as potentially even having a six pack.

Throughout high school I was not a fan of the weight room, with the exception of occasional sets of bicep curls supersetted with additional bicep curls. After high school I attended the beautiful University of California, Santa Barbara, where most of my time was consumed with the number one American college sport, beer pong followed by monster burrito late night meals at 3:00am. Unfortunately, the days of heavy beer consumption and a mediocre diet left me at 240 pounds and 33% bodyfat at the age of 19.

Over the next several years I experimented with different cardio intensive exercise routines that resulted in a yo-yo diet effect. I was either overweight, skinny fat, or somewhere in between. Finally, after graduating with my degree in Business Economics and Accounting I began my career working as a Contract Analyst. My transition into the sedentary office life once again left my pants just a bit too tight after consuming a few too many free morning donuts.

I decided it was time to make a change and joined a local gym. After seeing beginner gains for the first few months, I began feeling frustrated that I would never be able to fully achieve my full potential. My strength was increasing, but due to my lack of diet knowledge my physique still did not live up to expectations until 2013.

At this point in time I finally decided to track my calories and to slim down to single digit bodyfat. I finally began seeing results I had always longed for. I have never looked back and continue making gains up to this very day. I pride myself in helping others achieve their weight loss and fitness goals through knowledge I have gained through various methods of trial and error.

Some of my short term fitness goals include reaching a 300lb bench, 405 lb squat, and a 500 lb deadlift. Long term I want to become more involved in the fitness industry and help others achieve their goals, which to me is the greatest award that no money can buy.

For me, the bodybuilding lifestyle is not about how much you can lift or even how you look, its simply about being the best version of yourself (as cliche as that may seem). Furthermore, I am a strong believer that the strength, dedication, and motivation in the gym translates to successes in other areas of life such as career, relationships, and family life. Fitness is more than just a past time, for me it is a way of life.

Follow me on Instagram @ryanrodal.

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