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Phil Bennett

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Phil Bennett

I’m a designer, writer and fighter. I’ll continue with me in a minute, but first, why “Complete MMA Training?” It’s simple really. When you train the body and the mind, your true warrior spirit emerges. This is not something new. It’s not some groundbreaking phenomenon. It’s been practised in traditional martial arts for countless years. Through pushing your physical and mental limits, you will truly learn how to connect body, mind and spirit to achieve great things- In the gym, cage and in life. No gimmicks. Nothing ground breaking, but just tried and tested methods that work. So back to me I guess. Who am I? Well, I am just a normal guy. Well, maybe not that normal. I am 6ft 6, have ginger hair, tattoos and a pretty solid beard. (Even if I do say so myself) I have always been an artist. I have my family to thank for constantly buying me art supplies as a child and although not one of them is artistic, pushing me to do more. I began my artistic career designing tattoo flash and custom designs for whoever was interested. I took this from working with clients face to face, to working freelance online. Working freelance opened my eyes to the full scope of the design world and the grandeur of the internet. I took the lessons learnt from working with clients who were after tattoos and applied it to those who wanted T-shirt designs, logo’s, websites and whatever I could put to pen to paper on. During this time as a designer, I smoke, drank in pretty large amounts (Irish heritage) and was generally pretty unhealthy. I became tired of being tired. I became tired of being skinny. I became tired of being unhealthy. I began weight training in the usual fashion. I reaped all the typical noob benefits despite the shotgun approach to training. I quickly realized though that this wasn’t me. Being outside has always something I have enjoyed. Lifting stones and logs felt more natural to me than barbells and dumbbells. This led to my obsession with odd object training. I focussed on getting solid results using kettlebells, ropes, sandbags, bodyweight, logs, stones and essentially anything I could get my hands on. I began to obsessively read any training information I could get, the internet, books, magazines, it really didn’t matter. Each line of text was knowledge and further fuelled my desire to train more and more.

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