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Jeremy Gray

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Jeremy Gray

I’m a passionate writer with a knack for powerlifting. I believe in oldschool techniques and I think that good old-fashioned hard work pays off better than any magic formula for training. I write for many websites and run Cutty Strength which is my website about powerlifting.

I have a no-nonsense approach to training and I want to see my readers gain valuable knowledge to help them train smarter, harder, and achieve the results they want.

My goal is to have a career in the fitness industry and I am doing whatever it takes to get there.

What’s Cutty Strength?

Cutty Strength is a vision I’ve had since 2013 and has grown into something bigger than I ever thought possible. I changed gears and started writing strength training and powerlifting articles to provide more detailed information to help powerlifters and lifters who are interested in strength training.

Be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter which covers powerlifting news, updates to the website, and any other cool stuff I find along the way.

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