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Bruce Kneller

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Bruce Kneller

Bruce Kneller is a veteran "industry personality" who has been intimately involved with the success of numerous sports nutrition companies over the past two decades at the executive and "C" level. Holder of dozens and dozens United States & International awarded patent claims and a published author for such notable print magazines such as Muscle Media 2000, Muscle Mag International, Muscular Development, Iron Man, Testosterone & Muscle Insider, Kneller has generally been at the forefront of the "next big things" in the dietary supplement realm for decades. Currently, Kneller makes his home in the state of New Jersey although "not by choice" as he invariably mentions and is currently working with Giant Sports Products - also headquartered in the Garden State - to implement more transparency in the labeling of sports nutrition supplements. Kneller is 100% committed to all dietary supplements - not just in the sports nutrition arena - being 100% open labeled all of the time. He would like to use the ubiquitous "proprietary blend" become an extinct term sooner than later.
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