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Our easy-to-setup affiliate program allows you to generate a steady stream of income, with minimal effort by you. Simply set up a few links pointing to, "Cutting Edge Nutritional Supplements!" We provide you with the tools and content you need to get started quickly and be successful. Once you sign up, you will receive your own unique affiliate URL which will automatically track all sales generated from your links. We provide text links and banners to choose from and you can even link to specific products or categories.

Why partner with

  • First of all, our customer service, APO/Worldwide Shipping and product inventory is one of the best in the business. So you can rest assured that partnering with us is a sound decision. In today's interconnected world a business can not function or grow successfully without an amazing support team dedicated to providing the world's best products and service to its customers. That's our commitment and promise! We know that once you implement our program successfully, you'll be able to add a steady stream of income into your life and you'll want to continue to grow and prosper with us! We are here to help with any questions you may have.
  • Second, it's simple and easy to sign up, place your links and start referring your visitors to us. Once you have signed up for an account you will be given a unique affiliate Login ID. This ID will be used in all your referring URLS you place on your site or in your email so that the people you send to our site can easily be tracked. Create URLS with your Login ID and the Product URLS of your prefered products. One of the best features of our affiliate program is that we use a tracking cookie which lasts for a full 30 days! This means that if a customer ventures to our site from one of your links, but doesn't buy that day, you will still get paid if they come back and make a purchase within 30 days from clicking your link and you still get 100% of the referral fee for that sale!
  • Third, our compensation is one of the highest in the industry! We pay a full 10% commission for your referrals on any of the thousands of products we sell. Also, we have a very high average order amount close to $90. For example, if someone orders $100 worth of products, we'll pay you $10. If a customer orders $500 worth, we'll pay you $50. If a customer orders $1000 worth, we'll pay you $100. There is no limit to what you can make with our program!
  • Fourth, you have complete access to your click through and order statistics. You can log in and check on your account activity anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can quickly see how many of your visitors enter our site and how many make purchases at The more visitors you send, the more sales you'll make and the greater your compensation will be! Your unique affiliate ID will track it all.
  • Last, We don't have any weird rules that try to limit your success. You can use as much or little of our product content as seems appropriate for your web site, and send as many e-mails promoting our fitness and sports nutrition products as aggressively as you like.

    How You Make Money as a Affiliate

    There are several ways to create referrals:

    1. Content: offers extensive information on every product we sell. We also offer a huge selection of articles on Diet, Training, and other helpful topics. As an affiliate, you are free to use our product information and product images to help promote our products on your web site and make sales. People who use the internet are intelligent, they want the most information before they purchase something online. Give them the information they need, then send them to our site to collect your referral fee! We want you to succeed because your success is our success.
    2. Products: The affiliate program allows you to link directly to products or categories. This is very beneficial for promotion on your web site, leading to much higher conversion rates! You can send customers directly to the products you promote from your site to ours.
    3. Advertising: We'll provide you with a variety of banners, and text links to choose from that promote our online store. Usually, simple text links and authoritative recommendations work best. You can use our links and banners or create your own! The sky's the limit.
    4. E-mail newsletters: When you become a affiliate, you'll be able to include links within your opt-in email list to send people directly to our site. Your click-throughs will be tracked just the same as the links on your web site and you'll receive 10% of the sales generated.

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    Once we receive your application, we will review it and send you an approval by e-mail within 48-72 hours, allowing you to access your account, begin placing links and making money! If you have any questions you can always e-mail us at A service representative will respond to your email quickly so that you can begin generating an income right away!

    Please Note: We do not allow coupon sites to be affiliates of

    We look forward to developing a mutually beneficial and profitable partnership with you!