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Ultimate Sports Nutrition Supplements

USN was founded in South Africa by Albé Geldenhuys in the year 2000 and has been at the forefront of sports nutrition research, making effective sports nutrition supplements - as used by professional and non-professional athletes - widely available. Sports performance, weight control and muscle-building supplementation have been cornerstones of USN's premium product offerings, as have beverages and bars (since 2006). USN is now sold in over 40 countries across the globe and continues to grow into new territories as the product quality and its effective results become more widely known.
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USN is a comprehensive healthy lifestyle nutrition supplement brand. Because the nutrition supplement industry isn't regulated and to ensure only the best quality in our products, we invest significantly in independent testing at both South African and international laboratories. Our products are divided into the following categories:

Weight control

USN's trusted weight control supplements are formulated from clinically proven ingredients to make the weight management process easier and faster without compromising general health.


In all sports, energy and recovery are essential to achieve optimal performance. USN's comprehensive range of sports supplements is developed in conjunction with some of the world's leading professional athletes to deliver the desired results.

Core Muscle

The USN Core Muscle range is extensive and contains clinically proven ingredients that support lean muscle conditioning, ideal for professional athletes, recreational sportspeople and those serious about achieving a lean-muscle look.

Hardcore Muscle

The most complete range of scientifically engineered products that deliver serious gains in muscle size and strength, aimed at bodybuilders and explosive sport athletes.


Without good basic health, nobody can achieve his or her best results. USN offers a limited, but practically packaged range of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients appropriate to active and non-active individuals to help improve vitality and build immune system stability.

Beverages & Bars

USN has proved that snacks and refreshments can be functional, healthy and tasty, and has developed a range of scientifically formulated protein bars, weight control bars, energy bars, water and energy drinks.