TwinLab Time-Release Probiotic 30ct.
TwinLab Time-Release Probiotic
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Supplement Facts

TwinLab Time-Release Probiotic

Supports healthy digestion, supports a healthy immune system, supports healthy intestinal function. Friendly bacteria or probiotics naturally reside in our intestinal tracts and have a symbiotic relationship with our body, performing a variety of important functions. Certain dietary and lifestyle practices may reduce the friendly bacteria, while supplementation with probiotics can help replenish and maintain healthy levels. Time-release Probiotic utilizes the BIO-tract delivery system which protects probiotics from stomach acid and offers controlled release of active ingredients. This is important since probiotics may otherwise be significantly inactivated by stomach acid. In fact, laboratory testing examined a generic probiotic formula with the BIO-tract delivery system, and a plain capsule in various acidic concentrations reflecting various levels of stomach acid harshness. The results showed that in all cases, BIO-tract offers vastly superior delivery of live probiotics to the intestines versus the other forms tested.

Highlights of Twinlab Time-Release Probiotic

  • May support the body's ability to minimize protein breakdown and damage to muscle cells which can occur after intense resistance exercise
  • More convenient serving size: Fewer capsules per serving than original
  • HMB Fuel Patented ingredient at clinically-studied levels
  • Produced in Twinlab's NSF GMP for Sport registered facility

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