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Tendon & Ligament | Wfit Nutrition
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Tendon & Ligament helps build, strengthen, and support joint components to sustain an athlete's functional strength. It goes beyond the joints to further support overall healthy skin and connective tissue. Helps improve flexion and structural integrity of articulating and connective tissues. What's more, connective tissues and joint structures such as muscle, bone, and cartilage require certain nutrients to assist in building and supporting overall health of connective and articulating tissues. Tendon & Ligament performance provides these nutrients in 3 ways: 1. Build. UC-II, an undenatured type II collagen protein, supports joint from the inside out. Type II collagen is the primary collagen found in human cartilage and thus becomes an important component in supporting healthy joints. 2. Lubricate. Hyaluronic acids' (HA) capability to swell and retain water allows the support of cushioning and lubricating the moving parts within the joints. This supports more effortless joint movement in the athlete. 3. Strengthen. Specialized collagen protein supports the strengthening of connective tissue and bone. It is an excellent source of amino acids (building blocks of protein) that make up collagen. To strengthen tendons and ligaments around the joints is crucial for stability, and ultimately, proper joint function. No gluten. No preservatives. No trans fat. No hydrogenated oils. No HFCS.

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