SNAC Snac Pak 300ct
SNAC Snac Pak
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SNAC Snac Pak | Now on sale at Tigerfitness

Victor Conte's new SNAC PAK is an innovative three bottle stack from one of the highest profile sports nutritionists in history. The SNAC PAK was designed to enhance the performances of men and women from everyday fitness enthusiasts to world-class athletes. In fact, many elite Olympic and professional athletes achieved their historic accomplishments with the SNAC PAK as an integral part of their daily regimens.

The SNAC PAK includes three great products including Vitalyze, Aerobitine and Victor's flagship product ZMA.

Vitalyze - The Mental and Physical Performance Enhancer - promotes energy, mental alertness, elevates mood, and enhances concentration and reaction time. Vitalyze helps the body handle stressful conditions and increases physical work capacity by improving muscular oxygen utilization. Vitalyze also helps to maintain the integrity and strength of connective tissue, ligaments and tendons.

Aerobitine - The Ultimate Anti-Fatigue/Fat-Loss Support Formula - reduces fatigue and promotes stamina, strength and endurance. Aerobitine contains both L-arginine and L-citrulline malate, as well as folic acid, which has also been shown to aid in the production of nitric oxide. In addition, Aerobitine contains a complete anti-oxidant defense team of nutrients to effectively "quench" free radicals. Aerobitine's more sophisticated formula provides a wide range of performance enhancing benefits while popular nitric oxide products fail to do so.

The original ZMA - The Anabolic Mineral Support Formula - was the first product developed specifically to enhance recovery by improving sleep efficiency. ZMA promotes a deep and restful sleep and restores exercise tolerance which is decreased by sleep deprivation. This advanced formulation significantly improves muscle strength and endurance as well as accelerates tissue repair. A University research study also found ZMA to significantly increase free and total testosterone levels in trained athletes.

The SNAC Pak - Vitalyze/Aerobitine/ZMA. The Ultimate Energy/Fat Loss/Recovery Pack

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