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Turn Yourself into a Testosterone Factory

Think about it. Everything about being a man from performance in the gym, building a lean muscular physique, or being outstanding in the bedroom––hinges––on Testosterone. Those with an abundance of it always seem to have the edge in life. They take charge in the gym… they take charge in the bedroom… and they take charge in business.*

Free Testosterone: The Alpha Male Edge

Ask yourself: Am I gifted with naturally high levels of testosterone or plagued with low levels? Are my levels getting lower with age? Would I like that extra edge? Is my sex drive lower? Do I have less muscle mass? How about lower strength? Could my performance in the gym and in the bedroom use a boost?

Men everywhere need a natural product to flip the switch to their body's ability to activate its own testosterone levels. That's why SAN created MyoTest – Pro Anabolic Amplifier. In fact, the core ingredients found in Myotest have been specifically formulated to increase testosterone and conquer the anti-male hormone estrogen at the same time.*

MyoTest – The Triple-Threat Anabolic Stack

When testosterone levels are at an all time low, estrogen takes control of the system. You're on dangerous ground and you fall prey to a flood of weakness and mediocrity. It unleashes its fate and your manhood hangs in balance. There is good news though.

MyoTest – Pro Anabolic Amplifier has emerged with a unique combination of anabolic compounds, shown to safely increase natural testosterone levels at the same time that it manages estrogen.*

The truth is… it even uses estrogen to your advantage. That is something that was completely unheard of in the supplement world until now! If you manage testosterone levels you also need to coax estrogen. Free testosterone differs from Total Testosterone because it’s not ‘bound’ to a protein molecule (albumen) called sex hormone binding globulin, or SHBG. Free testosterone is the kind of testosterone your body can use. With MyoTest you've got all the important growth mechanisms covered. You're locked, loaded, and ready!*

When you start your first dose of MyoTest – Pro Anabolic Amplifier you’ll experience a dramatic increase in free testosterone. Now, how soon do you want a dramatic increase in free testosterone, faster recovery from your workouts, increased sexual vigor and drive, more lean muscle, ridiculous gains in strength and better performance in the gym?*

SAN's MyoTest – Pro Anabolic Amplifier is manufactured using strict cGMP guidelines. Which means your product is produced in a Government Audited Facility, ensuring you purity, safety and potency. So you can experience all the benefits without any harmful toxins.*

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