SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded
S.A.N. BCAA Pro Reloaded
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Supplement Facts
SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded

Ignite Exponential Muscle Growth

  • Supports Natural Testosterone Production*
  • 10X More Naturally Anabolic Potentiating*
  • Dramatically Improves Recovery*
  • Enhances Muscle Building Capacity*
  • More Bio Available / Water Soluble
  • Maximized Absorption
  • Delicious / Refreshing Flavors

Muscle Building Power Times 10!

Let’s say you’re as stubborn as a lazy mule. You've put an idea in your head. You're resolved to add slabs of granite-chiseled, functional muscle every month. Your mind is made up… period. No second guessing. You’ll show no mercy on the pitiful soul, circumstance or obstacle that even tries to stand in your way!

Combined with the right training, nutrition and SAN’s BCAA Pro Reloaded… serious muscle gains are very real and totally within your grasp because BCAA Pro Reloaded maximizes protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the name of the game when it comes to building muscle. In layman's terms, it means the production of new muscle by the union of constituent amino acids.*

Protein Synthesis IS Anabolism

Get your hands on SAN’s outstanding new BCAA Pro Reloaded–– before it flies off the shelves in droves. It was designed to set-off more protein synthesis and build more muscle than any product available anywhere on the street. BCAA Pro Reloaded is 10 times more anabolic potentiating than anything else legally available!*

Intense weight training workout increases muscle protein synthesis but at the same time it increases muscle protein breakdown. The end result is a negative protein balance. Studies have shown that the balance in the post workout protein ‘account’ will remain negative until the branched chain amino acid L-Leucine is taken in. And understand it stays that way until it's taken in.*

Leucine has a 10X greater influence on protein synthesis than any other single amino acid! SAN’s BCAA Pro Reloaded contains 3X More leucine than our competitors!*

Comparing the muscle building power of BCAA Pro Reloaded to any other BCAA product on the street is like comparing the muscle size of a Pro Bodybuilder to a high school swimmer. SAN has again revolutionized the industry standard with BCAA Pro Reloaded, containing a mind-boggling muscle building amino acid ratio of 12/1/1.*

Compound Muscle Growth

Laser your eyes right here. To build real muscle in record time, the BCAA amino acid, L-Leucine, is needed to activate mTor activation. mTOR activation, plays a pivotal role in muscle protein synthesis and the process that sets-off muscle growth. mTOR activation does increase protein synthesis… that’s a fact. It also does something else that’s vitally important …mTOR activation also increases your capacity for protein synthesis. What follows is that your ability to grow new muscle has also improved! With BCAA Pro Reloaded, you are more able to build more muscle!*

To further enhance recovery, protect from muscle tissue catabolism, support immune system function, help improve intestinal health and support glycogen synthesis––every serving of BCAA Pro Reloaded contains 2.5 full grams of L-Glutamine––the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle tissue.*

Studies show that L-Glutamine can minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue and improve protein metabolism. What's more, it can support your ability to release healthy human growth hormone. And it can even help maintain muscle cell volume!*

Hydrosoluble Biological Advantage

You’re gonna love this, BCCA Pro Reloaded is even more soluble in water to give you greater absorption of the BCAA's and for the best biological advantage SAN micronized the L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine! And if that wasn't enough, they irresistibly flavored it so it truly is the one product to chose! You can buy BCAA Pro Reloaded in delicious watermelon or blue raspberry!*

SAN's BCAA Pro Reloaded is manufactured using strict cGMP guidelines. Which means your product is produced in a Government Audited Facility, ensuring you purity, safety and potency. So you can experience all the benefits without any harmful toxins.*

SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded Ed Nunn

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