Formutech Nutrition Rehab Glutamine 50 servings
Rehab Glutamine 50 servings Fahrenheit
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Formutech Nutrition Rehab Glutamine | Recovery and Immune Support

The number one rate-limiting factor for every serious athlete is RECOVERY TIME after a workout. Our athletes invariably want to know, “How fast can I recover from an intense workout, so I can get back in the gym and tear back down?”
The answer is glutamine-dependent.*
Blood levels of L-glutamine fall significantly after intense workouts and stay low until complete recovery occurs. Supplementation of glutamine reduces the recovery time by replacing what is lost in the catabolic process.*
Introducing Rehab
While standard glutamine supplements have served the bodybuilding community well over the years, a far superior delivery system has emerged and is deployed by Fahrenheit in Rehab, a truly ground-breaking formula that puts athletes back in the gym days faster than normal.*
The chemists at Fahrenheit Nutrition remain on the forefront of clinical discovery, and Rehab is a perfect example of this commitment to cutting-edge technologies. Rehab is engineered with N-acetyl L-glutamine, which is the acetylated analog of L-glutamine. It is far more stable in water and metabolically more effective than glutamine or its existing analogs.*
When most athletes are sitting on the sidelines or spinning on the cycle waiting for full muscle recovery, Fahrenheit athletes are back in the gym, pushing weights and working toward bigger gains. Rehab can accelerate your muscle recovery too, within weeks of adding this crucial element to your supplement stack.*
See why our athletes absolutely depend on Rehab for fast, efficient recovery!*
Rehab by Fahrenheit Nutrition features N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine, an often overlooked amino acid which assists in the post-training recovery process. Because it is more stable in water than regular glutamine, Rehab is more effective at delivering glutamine's beneficial effects when you need it most. Recover faster and get back to training quicker with Rehab!*
N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine provides a faster recovery!*
Superior delivery system!*
Enhanced Cognitive Function!*
Increases Glycogen Storage!*
Vegetarian capsule.

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