RedCon1 Isotope | 30 Servings
RedCon1 Isotope Whey Protein Isolate | 30 Servings
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RedCon1 Isotope | Iso Gains

Whenever you think of supplements, the first thing that comes to mind is always protein. There are so many protein products on the market but only few manage to actually stay "true to the label" without adding fillers and other questionable ingredients. RedCon1 Isotope is a clean Whey Protein Isolate product that comes packed with 25g of quality protein per serving. Whey Isolate is fairly common in the bodybuilding and fitness industry as it is very high in quality and very low in fat, Isotope by RedCon1 helps build lean muscle and supports muscle repair. No matter what, protein will always be beneficial however, some of these protein powders can have a bad taste or you might find them to be hard to tolerate. RedCon1 Isotope is on point with flavor and the mix-ability is fantastic with no thick texture or bland taste.

Highlights of RedCon1 Isotope:

  • Aids in muscle repair
  • Tastes Great & Mixes very easily
  • 25g of Protein Per Serving
  • Extremely high quality
  • Dosed 100% Accurately

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