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Recover ZMA 90ct. Fahrenheit
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Elite athletes are quickly discovering the pro-repair and recovery properties of ZMA. Yet, take caution when evaluating other manufacturers' label claims. The majority of ZMA products on shelves today may contain core ZMA, while Formutech Nutrition's Recover contains a precise, clinically supported combination of Zinc Monomethinine Aspartate, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 (pyrodoxine hcl).
This specific combination (and only this combination) has been shown in studies to significantly increase the level of free testosterone in the body and prevent IGF-1 (Insulin growth factor) levels from decreasing during periods of intense training.*
ZMA is the only non-steroidal, all natural dietary supplement that is clinically observed to increase levels of free testosterone in the male body. In an eight week double blind, placebo controlled study with college football players, ZMA was found to increase total plasma testosterone levels by 32.4%, increase Insulin-Like Growth Factor by 3.6%, increase free testosterone levels by 33.5%, and increase muscle strength by 11.6%. This study showed testosterone levels and IGF-1 levels actually dropped in the placebo group overnight, whereas with the ZMA group, it jumped considerably.*
See why athletes worldwide are turning to ZMA for rapid recovery and repair, and rely on Formutech Nutrition’s Recover to deliver the only clinically significant combination of this powerful formula to protect your gains during periods of intense training.*

Product Highlights
Specific ZMA formulation with proven results*
Quicker and more efficient rates of muscle repair and recovery after intense training*
Reduced risk of over-training*
Increased muscle size and strength*
Reduced muscle cramps*
Vegetarian Capsule

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