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Testek is the ultimate testosterone booster, anti-estrogen and muscle growth optimizer...an extreme triple-threat for building a superior muscular body. Testek contains all-natural, clinically active ingredients that work with the body's natural hormonal pathways to maximize the muscle building and fat burning effects of testosterone and growth factors. Blunts DHT & Estrogen Formation. In men, increasing muscle growth factors leads to rapid gains in muscle mass and strength and decreases in body fat. Left unchecked, excess testosterone can lead to unhealthy increases in estrogen and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can lead to hair loss and prostate enlargement.
To keep estrogen and DHT in check, Testek contains the powerful EstroFlavin™ - Anti-Aromatase Complex, containing anti-estrogens (also known as estrogen blockers or inhibitors), which reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen by blocking the aromatase enzyme complex. Testek also contains a precise phytosterol complex to reduce the negative effects of enzymatic conversion of testosterones to DHT (also known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors). Increases Testosterone: Cortisol Ration.
The MyoBlast - Testosterone and Muscle Growth Optimizer found exclusively in Testek - features a cutting edge, patent pending ingredient, which increases the testosterone: cortisol ratio by activating the hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal axis and/or stimulating the release of arginine vasopressin, which decreases cortisol levels which may ultimately increase testosterone levels. Finally Testek features the additional synergistic combination of N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine and AlphaSize, which activates the growth factors response to exercise by inhibiting somatostatin, leading to enhanced lipolysis and fat loss. All resulting in remarkable gains in muscle size and strength and decreases in body fat.
  • Powerful Testosterone Amplifier & Anabolic Growth Optimizer†
  • Increases Anabolic Growth Factor Levels up to 333%†
  • Increases Testosterone:Cortisol Ratio up to 184%†
  • Helps Blunt DHT & Estrogen Formation†
  • Works with body’s natural fat burning pathways†

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