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Best Whey Protein Drinks & Shakes

To derive maximum results from an intense workout, drink protein drinks afterwards. Whether you choose 100% whey protein shakes or soy-based protein powders, refueling and giving back to your body helps stimulate muscle growth and improve recovery. And protein drinks aren’t just for intense athletes and iron-pumping bodybuilders – many on a calorie conscious diet choose to drink protein-rich meal replacement shakes. This way they know they’re getting enough protein to sustain the workouts without empty calories.

Whey protein is one of the best forms of protein to be used in protein powder drink; it can offer up to 90% protein per serving. At Tiger Fitness, we offer a variety of protein drinks and meal replacement shakes. You’ll find the best whey protein powder selection and weight loss meal replacement shakes, including the popular Muscle Milk Light shakes. Muscle Milk Light is a great option for those looking to reduce calories while still giving their body energy and nutrients.

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