MRI Pro-NOS 3 Lbs.
MRI Pro-NOS 3 Lbs.
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MRI Pro-NOS 3 Lbs.M

The biggest breakthrough in protein in 2 decades. First came whey. Then whey isolates. Now you have isolate “Fractions!” Fractions are tiny segments of isolates (1 part in 2,000). The Actinos fraction of Pro-NOS increases nitric oxide. The VAT-Burn fraction burns off fat. And they both supply you the aminos to build muscle faster than ever before!

Build More Muscle - Faster
Your muscle growth depends on two factors: 1) how many aminos you can deliver to your muscle cell and, 2) how long you can keep the process of constructing new muscle (protein syntheses) cranking. With Pro-NOS, you do both - at the same time! You see the whey fractions you find in Pro-NOS not only provide your body with the best muscle-building amino acids you can find, but they also increase nitric oxide giving you greater - and more sustained - amino delivery. That’s why with Pro-NOS you build more muscle - faster!

Increase Nitric Oxide
Now you can boost your nitric oxide levels - without taking extra arginine! That’s with whey and only whey. You see, the Actinos fraction of Pro-NOS increases NOS enzymes that make nitric oxide out of arginine!

Strip Off Belly Fat
Now you can get more muscle definition without changing your diet or exercise. How? The VAT-Burn fraction of Pro-NOS specifically targets hard-to-lose belly fat! What’s more Vat-BURN burns off total body fat.

Multi-Fractioned Whey Isolate Complex
Get Huge - Increases Mass-Building Amino Delivery
Get Pumped - Amplifies Nitric Oxide Levels
Get Ripped - Burns Fat
42 Grams of Protein Per Serving
From the creators of NO2 & CE2!
NO Amplifying Whey Isolate
VAT-Burn™ Fat Reducing Whey Isolate
Ed Byrd's Revolutionary New Whey!
The Physique-Altering Power of Peptide "Multionarion"
Pro-Nos is the biggest breakthrough in protein supplementation in over 20 years. It gives you the power to gain muscle and burn off fat faster than ever before. Without added ingredients. Just protein. Here's how:

What Makes Pro-NOS Different?
The stunning new technology is known as peptide "multi-fractionation." Unlike today's whey proteins that use peptide chains in their "randomly occurring" length, MRI has isolated the specific "interval" (length) within the peptide chains that holds all the concentrated power to change your body composition! You get two powerful physique-altering chain-length specific peptides in new Pro-NOS: ACTINOS™ increases nitric oxide. VAT-Burn™ strips of belly fat.

Build Muscle and Burn Off Fat - At the Same Time - With Fractionated Whey!
Chest. Arms. Abs. With Pro-NOS, you get it all. The patent-pending NO-generating whey peptide fraction (ACTINOS™) amplifies nitric oxide levels. Without arginine or "added ingredients." Just fractionated whey protein. Your muscles feel bigger and thicker within days. At the same time, the whey peptide fraction that breaks down fat (VAT-Burn™) begins chiseling and sculpting your abs like never before.

Pro-NOS Is Ideal To Take With All NO-Generators!
Pro-NOS is designed to work synergistically with all nitric oxide products. You see, NO generators provide your body with arginine - the building block of NO. Pro-NOS makes sure you've got enough NOS enzymes. But it's the NOS enzymes that convert the arginine into nitric oxide. Finally, NOS is no-longer the rate-limiting factor in NO production! With Pro-NOS, you get 42 grams of the highest quality whey isolates and concentrate! And it tastes great!

It Takes 2,000 lbs of Whey to Make 1 Pro-NOS Jug

See the long whey isolate peptide chains. Now notice how the two small Pro-NOS “fractions” are found within those long randomly-occurring chains. In fact, it takes 100 pounds of whey isolates to make just 1 pound of Pro-NOS fractions. The benefits of fractions are profound. The “Actinos Fraction” increases nitric oxide production. The “VAT-Burn Fraction” targets and burns fat.

By amplifying the number of enzymes that convert arginine into nitric oxide, the “Actinos Fraction” is proven to increase nitric oxide levels.

In a clinical trial, subjects taking VAT-Burn reduced fat, as opposed to the calorie restricted specific control group. The clinical study further demonstrated that subjects dropped overall body fat loss.

Your body has an enzyme called “Nitric Oxide Synthase” (NOS). That enzyme converts the arginine you supplement - or ingest - into nitric oxide. The problem is, you have a limited number of NOS enzymes - restricting the amount of nitric oxide your body can produce. Now see how the “Actinos Fraction” of Pro-NOS increases NOS, giving you the potential for “unlimited” nitric oxide production. In fact, studies prove the Actinos Fraction amplifies nitric oxide.

Unleashing the “Primal Force” Locked Inside of Whey Isolates!
“We’ve cracked the elusive protein code!” says Ed Byrd, MRI’s innovative CEO. “We’ve identified, and ‘cleaved off,’ the tiny, body-altering peptide ‘fractions’ locked within whey isolates. These small fractions give you ability to rapidly build muscle, burn fat, and increase nitric oxide - with whey fractions only! We’ve discovered the first genuine bodybuilding protein! We call it Pro-NOS. Welcome the new era in protein supplementation!”

The Power of “Fraction” Technology
How can the small fractions in Pro-NOS give you such huge results? Simple. You see, all whey isolates come in peptide “chains.” Ordinary whey isolates, like you find in today’s whey products, occur in long “random” chain lengths. They may help supply your body with aminos - but do little more. Now observe the Pro-NOS difference! The Pro•NOS Fraction Technology identifies, and “cleaves off,” the two tiny “specific” fractions that help you build bigger, thicker muscles fast - then go way, way beyond! The Actinos™ fraction of Pro-NOS is clinically proven to amplify nitric oxide synthase enzymes! The VAT-Burn fraction is clinically proven to burn fat! All this, with whey fractions only!

“Finding these fractions was like finding small bits of gold in large rocks!” says Ed Byrd. The truth is, it takes 6,000 pounds of today’s ordinary whey to produce just one jug of Pro-NOS. That’s how powerful these tiny fractions are!”

Pro-NOS: The Landmark Scientific Achievement - through World-wide Collaboration
Here is something you should know - before you try Pro-NOS. Pro-NOS represents the largest world-wide scientific research collaboration on protein ever known. The research spanned 3 continents. It involved the science team from largest protein company in the world - Glanbia International. It relied on MRI’s team of skilled formulation experts - hired directly from the major pharmaceutical companies. And the landmark discovery, validated by clinical trials, marks the most significant breakthrough in protein ever. That’s the reason why you can try Pro-NOS with absolute confidence

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