Nutriforce Omegafort SCC | 90 Softgels
Nutriforce Omegafort SCC | 90 Softgels
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Nutriforce Omegafort SCC

400mg total Omega-3 per softgel. Omega 3's are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that out bodies are unable to produce on their own and must be sourced from our diets. Unfortunately, most of us do not consume sufficient amounts of these critical Omega 3 fatty acids in our daily activities. Thus, many nutrition experts find it essential to add as many Omega 3 fatty acids as possible to our daily regimen to help prevent the onset of various common health disorders. The 400mg of Omega 3 found in one Omegafort SCC quadruple strength fish oil capsule maximizes daily Omega 3 consumption. Burp free enteric coating. The biggest complaint about the consumption of traditional fish oil softgels is the unsavory "fishy burps" associated with reflux. In an effort to control these burps, Omegafort SCC Quadruple Strength Fish Oil softgels are carefully enteric coated, using a proprietary process to allow the capsules to break down and be absorbed in the small intensity, thus minimizing the "fishy burp" effect.


  • Supports the natural anti-inflammatory response to promote recovery from exercise
  • Supports heart and joint health to aid your body in its ability to cope with high-intensity training
  • Studies show that omega-3 fatty acids concentrated in one softgel are much more effective than the same number of omega-3 fatty acids consumed over multiple softgels/caps
  • 85% omega 3 oil means less unwanted fats

Made with specific concentration and purity standards, designed to meet the exact needs of The Fittest Athletes in the World.

  • 85% Pure Omega-3 Concentration
  • (1055mg of pure EPA/DHA per capsule; 4X the strength of standard Fish Oils)
  • More than 5X greater absorption compared to standard Fish Oils
  • (More effective absorption of EPA/DHA in the bloodstream)
  • 6:1 EPA/DHA Concentration Ratio
  • (Designed to reduce inflammation, achieve quick recovery, and protect athletes form injury)
  • Maximum Purity
  • (The highest standard of any Food Supplement found anywhere in the world)


  • Designed specifically to help reduce inflammation, achieve quick recovery, and protect athletes from injury
  • 915mg of EPA & 140mg of DHA per capsule
  • Research indicates that EPA plays a more important role than DHA in the reduction of inflammation,
  • While DHA is key for heart health and healthy cholesterol levels
  • More EPA per capsule than any other Fish Oil that is specifically designed for athletes

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