Nature's Research Empowered Probiotic 60ct
Nature's Research Empowered Probiotic
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Balance of body and mind starts from the “inside out” through optimal, healthy digestive function. Here’s why. Your digestive system is teaming with tiny, living bacteria “helpers.” These little guys are incredibly diverse in form and function. They support intestinal health, help bolster the immune system, allow for proper digestion, support nutrient absorption, fight certain infections, help reduce inflammation and more. Now, your body also houses a population of “bad” bacteria. This is usually not a problem. Ideally, your body strives to maintain an optimal balance of the “good” and the “bad.”

However, things like stress, poor diet, travel and other factors can throw this delicate system out of balance – allowing the “bad” guys to take control. That’s where things can go awry. Diarrhea, constipation, bloating, certain infections and deficiencies in some vitamins have all been attributed to bacterial imbalances. Don’t worry; you can take control through the power of probiotics. Probiotics are living “good” bacteria (like what you find in yogurt) that once consumed, can help restore your body’s optimal internal balance. Regain your balance with the support of EMPOWERED Immunepro Probiotic. This product offers a carefully formulated blend of 9 unique probiotics, each selected for EMPOWERED results.

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