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Natty Nutrition is owned and operated by Jason and Stephaney Theobald – a happily married couple who shares the passion of nutrition and helping others achieve their goals. Both Stephaney and Jason are certified in nutrition through the AFPA and both have years of experience in training and physique competition. They both pride themselves on not only being knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, but also on their extraordinary level of service. Each client gets the individual attention and support he/she deserves!

Natty Nutrition started as a response to Jason Theobald’s lack of satisfaction with traditional nutrition plans. Jason was tired of the “cookie cutter” diet that only worked for SOME people and was determined to find a better way. After years of research combined with trial and error Jason came up with a SMART approach customized for his own body type and goals. His approach proved to be very successful and people took notice. Both competitors and non-competitors began contacting Jason for help and Natty Nutrition was born in 2008.

Jason's wife, Stephaney, started out in the background as the operations and marketing brains of Natty Nutrition (while working full-time as an IT Project Manager) - but as her nutritional knowledge and experience grew she quickly became a nutritional expert in her own right, and in 2009 she decided to quit her job to run Natty Nutrition full-time. She received her certification in nutritional consulting, as well as personal training, and began building her own reputation and client base.
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