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Tiger Tip of the Day: 11-23-09

Move More, Lose Weight!

A lot of people who are over weight or out of shape tend to dread the words DIET and Exercise.  I remember when one of my customers told me they didn't like the word Diet, so of course I asked them why.  His reply was, it's a four-letter word with DIE in it, and after laughing pretty hard I thought to myself, people really donít like to diet.  What most don't realize is you don't necessarily have to do those two things to lose weight right away.  People who lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle should try one thing to start out, MOVE!  That's right; make it a daily challenge to find ways to get your body moving.  I'm not talking about finding an extra hour for the gym, or and extra 45 minutes for a spinning or aerobics class.  I'm talking anything you normally don't do on a daily basis, such as.

  • Climb the stairs if you have a choice between that or an Escalator or Elevator.
  • Walk the dog. (Heíll like it too)
  • Toss Frisbee with a friend.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Park farther when out and about.
  • While shopping, walk around the whole mall.
  • Chase your kids around more.

As you can see, almost anything you can think of to get your body moving is a great stress reducer and fitness asset to have in your daily routine.  Once you get moving, then you can attempt to tackle that scary four-letter word, D-I-E-T.