Molecular Nutrition Test Factor 100ct.
Molecular Nutrition Test Factor
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Molecular Nutrition Test Factor | Now on Sale at TigerFitness

Sub-optimal testosterone can make your work much harder, and goals more difficult to achieve. Peak hormone levels, on the other hand, can supercharge your gains. TEST FACTOR™ was formulated by the acclaimed research & development team at Molecular Nutrition with two clear goals in mind. First, to support maximum increases in serum total and free testosterone levels, surpassing previous benchmarks. Second, to create a formula that goes beyond the standard T-boosting effects of this category, supporting a wide range of action including increased protein synthesis rates, reduced muscle catabolism, extended muscle endurance, enhanced recovery, and heightened libido/sexual potency. The resulting formula includes some of the most effective bioactive compounds known to sports science, and represents a major step forward in hormonal support supplementation!


• Increase Total and Free Testosterone
• Increase Muscle Mass & Strength
• Improve Muscle Endurance
• Preserve Muscle Mass (Anti-Catabolic)
• Speed Muscle Recovery
• Support Libido & Sexual Function

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