Mike Chang Muscle Repair
Mike Chang Muscle Repair
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Mike Chang Muscle Repair | Now on sale at Tigerfitness

MCF’s Muscle Repair blends supportive amounts of carbohydrates with quality proteins to help optimize both recovery and repair. Carbs help replenish the muscle glycogen burned for energy during intense exercise while the amino acids form the protein help support recovery from the breakdown of intense exercise. We’ve added 5 grams of BCAA’s in the optimum ratio to make this formula an irreplaceable part of your training program.

Ideal Carb Blend

Three forms of fast acting carbs for rapid glycogen replenishment

· Natural Cane Sugar (sucrose)

· Glucose Polymers

· Dextrose

BCAA’s for Recovery

Three forms of BCAA’s to help protect and repair muscles

· Leucine

· Isoleucine

· Valine

Fast Absorbing Whey Protein

Whey protein that absorbs quickly, speeding recovery during the “anabolic window” directly after a workout. Maximizing muscle-building results during this critical time period during the post-workout phase.

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