MHP 5D-Tropin | 30 Servings
MHP 5D-Tropin Test Booster | 30 Servings
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MHP 5D-Tropin | Growth Activator

5D-Tropin has created a whole new way to address muscle building called “anabolic sleep.” When taken before bedtime, 5D-Tropin helps trigger a powerful anabolic cascade unlike any other supplement by potently stimulating four of the body’s most powerful muscle growth activators – growth hormone, IGF-1, testosterone and mTOR – to create anabolic sleep. This anabolic cascade creates a more rapid state of muscle anabolism by activating the mTOR pathway within muscle tissue, while supporting the production of anabolic hormones and growth factors including growth hormone (GH), IGF-1 and testosterone.
The fifth dimension of this revolutionary formula is deep anabolic sleep. It has been well established in research that nighttime is an optimal time to build and repair muscle. In particular, during REM sleep (rapid eye movement) your body becomes extremely sensitive to nutrients and growth factors, meaning your body is primed to receive the anabolic ingredients supplied by 5D-Tropin. To further potentiate the production and release of these powerful growth factors, 5D-Tropin contains a blend of ingredients that are clinically shown to induce a deep anabolic REM sleep, thereby improving sleep quality and enhancing growth activation. This exclusive 5-Dimensional Muscle Growth Activation approach creates a favorable environment for muscle growth and recovery.

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