Moitie' Cheval: Lower Body Development System | E-BOOK
Moitie' Cheval Lower Body Development System
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Moitie' Cheval: Lower Body Development System E-Book | on sale now at Tiger Fitness

Within the pages of this eBook lies a comprehensive lower body development system backed by both science and familiar brutality. Moitié cheval approaches lower body development in a variety of ways, involving an assortment of uncommon and common exercises to build thick, dense leg muscle. Scientific references are included, as is a very detailed meal plan and training schedule.

This is not a program but a SYSTEM; a system with endless possibilities. This is neither for male or female specifically but for ANYONE looking to permanently banish piss poor leg development and even those looking to make improvements on their up to par wheel game some more. Enough of the formal introductions, are you ready to learn, battle and grow? If so, let's go...