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LifeAid Beverage FitAid
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LifeAid Beverage FitAid Case | Now on sale at Tigerfitness

Today’s educated athletes have wised up to the fact that mainstream sports drinks are little more than colored sugar water with added salt and a massive advertising budget. They are relics of the 20th century. Furthermore, these drinks are one-size-fits-all in their approach. Think about it – does a round of golf or a game of baseball put the same demands on your body as an intense workout?

A new generation of drinks that claims to include vitamins and other health promoting nutrients in their formulas, in fact, commonly contain only ineffective trace amounts. A few powdered products may actually be potent, but they are inconvenient to use and have a strong medicinal taste. It is extremely difficult to include an effective amount of supplements and still produce a pleasant tasting beverage.

FitAID is superior because our proprietary formula was developed by our resident doctor, who has an extensive background in nutrition, and who is himself a fitness fanatic. He has worked with some of the most elite athletes in California. The FitAID supplement profile he developed is laser targeted to meet the demands on a body during a high intensity workout, and to speed post-workout recovery.

With the formula perfected, next came the task of solving the dilemma of taste vs. potency. We were determined that FitAID would not taste like a medicine, nor would we mask the taste with artificial flavors and sugar. The FitAID team worked at this long and hard. Success was achieved. Extensive testing, evaluation and collaboration with the elite athletic community and our beverage scientist resulted in a product the delivers a whopping 2343mg of active ingredients and supplements, all in a surprisingly delicious flavor. Not only that, FitAID is all natural, paleo friendly, gluten free, contains only 45 calories per can and is free of any artificial ingredients. FitAID is sweetened with only 9 grams low glycemic organic blue agave and no sucralose, high fructose corn syrup or aspartame is added.

We don’t claim that FitAID will instantly transform you into the baddest, meanest Firebreather at your local box, because we believe that our integrity is as important as our product. What we can guarantee is that our powerful product will fuel you with the key nutritional elements that an intense workout demands of your body, so that you are performing up to your potential. We challenge you to give FitAID a try. Crack a can both before and after your workout and let the results speak for themselves.

All things considered, FitAID is not just superior. It is FAR superior!

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